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Importance of Enoch Downes

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A Cup of tea with Mrs Byrne

Photograph I visited Mrs Byrne to discuss her children's attendance at school soon after the Jerilderie robbery. She told me that her other son had been engaged in the garden at a place at Tumberumba in New South Wales. That was shortly after the Jerilderie robbery(RC13492)

Spring 1879 Early 1880 In November 1879 I went out to see Mrs Byrne to see her about the non attendance of her son a school. She greeted me and gave me a cup of tea. We had a chat that lasted about an hour. During this time I spoke about her own son, and I told her she was quite right in saving him if she could; well, she hesitated about that, and she did not know whether she would or not; and there was something I was satisfied about that caused her to make up her mind that she would let her son go. She said he had made his bed, and must lie in it-that was in reference to the horse-stealing case. She said it was a dodge of that Ward; he was using all sorts of dodges to bring Joe back again to have revenge on Sherritt, but she said they would wait their own time, and I was satisfied from her words and actions that they intended to have Sherritt, and that Ward was not very safe.(RC13490)

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 20/7/1881 (see (RC13490))

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Later Life


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