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Between Seymour and Benalla on the old Hume Highway.

The township of Euroa is situated on the Seven Creeks, county of Delatite (Argus12/12/78)


Home of the Ngurelban Aborigines.

The name comes from the aboriginal word 'Yera-o' meaning joyful

Euroa was surveyed in 1849.

It started as a drovers camp on the trip from Melbourne to Wodonga because there was a permanent water supply.

A part of the Benalla local government area in 1873. There were some issues(Ensign31/1/1873)



Importance of Euroa

The KellyGang robbed the bank in Euroa

What was Euroa like in the late 1870s

Sup Hare described Euroa in the following terms in his book "The last of the Bushrangers"

'Euroa is situated on the main railway line between Melbourne and Sydney, about one hundred miles from the former. The town at that time had about three hundred inhabitants, there was a police station, where one mounted man was stationed, and it had two hotels and some substantially built buildings in it.'

'The bank was within fifty or sixty yards of the railway station.'

'A considerable amount of business is, however done in this place. It is the outlet for a large agricultural district, reaching down the valley of the Goulboun river; at the back of it, and but a short distance away, are the Strathbogie ranges, which are covered with thick scrub, and heavily timbered for thirty or forty miles, reaching to near Mansfield, giving excellent cover for any persons trying to escape justice'

Toll house and gates had been installed on the the bridge over the Seven Creeks in 1863 to collect charges on all the traffic to and from the north.

Police station burnt down in 1872 and replaced

See also (Argus12/12/78)

Facilities in Euroa in the late 1870s

Population 300 Hotels Pioneer Bridge Hotel Pioneer Brigde hotel

North Easten Hotel ,De Boos' hotel Euroa Hotel

Seven Creeks Hotel and store De Boos' (elder) hotel(Fermoy -1857 - Maurice Garrett)(Farmers Arms Hotel )

Churches Catholic (1867) Schools State School [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] National Bank (corner of Binney & Railway Streets)

Main Streets Local Government was formed in 1879

Public Hall Local Government Police Station

Police stationed at Euroa

FConst William Brownlee (RC873)

Const Anderson '

Const Lawless '

Const Mays Railway Station


' Mr Gorman


(Argus 16/12/78)

(OMA18/1/79) Telegraph Office

The Telegraph office at the Euroa railway station was opened in 1876

' Post Office'

Started in a slab hut (1854)

Postal route to Balmattum

Other things of interest Military from the Garrison Artillery sent to Euroa to protect banks in town (RC App8)

Other buildings from this period include:

Butter Factory

Birchill Cottage


Court House

Flour Mill Mr Graham (Ensign11/7/1873)

Garrett's store (OMA18/1/1879)

Cenetry Trust

Hugh McGuinnes

Maurice Garrett

John DeBoss

By 1881 the Severn Creeks Hotel was called Harts (RC2150)

Links to the KellyGang

Was Joe Byrne in the Seven Creeks Hotel a few days before the Euroa robbery. (RC15545)

He could have met Ben Gould there?

The robbery of the National Bank by the KellyGang on 11/12/1878

Ned Kelly driving Casement's spring cart and Dan Kelly driving Gloster's hawker's wagon with Steve Hart on horse back left Faithfull's Creek Station for Euroa on the afternoon of 11/12/1878. They were on their way to rob the National Bank, (it was located at the corner of Binney and Railway Sts). There they cleared out all the money in the bank and made prisoners of 12 people without any one else in the town being aware of what had happened. See also (Argus11/12/78) (Argus12/12/78) (SMH12/12/78)(Kilmore12/12/1878) (Argus13/12/78) (Argus13/11/78) (Alexandra14/12/1878) (FH) (CHC) (BWC)

The bank was closed at the usual business hour of 3 pm and at a quarter to 4 pm the 2 clerks, Messers Booth and Edward Bradley, were engaged in balancing their books, while Mr Scott, the manager, was in his room close by. A knock was heard at the door, and Mr Booth asked Mr Bradley, who was nearest the door, to open it and see who it was. On the door being opened a bushman presented a cheque of Mr McClauley's for 4 pounds saying he wanted it cashed. The door was normally left unlocked so that the station master could bank his money after the 3.30 train. The bushman was told that it was too late, and he then asked to see Mr Scott, the manager. Mr Bradley said it was too late for that day, as all the cash was locked up. Up to this time the door had only been partially opened, but the man then pushed his way in saying, 'I am Ned Kelly.' He was immediately followed by another of the KellyGang and both drew their revolvers and forced the clerks to go into the manager's room, which was just behind the banking chamber. As soon as they got in Ned Kelly ordered Mr Scott to go and tell the females in the house what visitors they had. It should be said that in addition to Mr Scott and the 2 clerks, there were also in the house Mrs Scott, her 5 children, Mrs Scott's mother, and 2 female servants.

Mr Scott's groom was away, and Ned Kelly then went outside and harnessed the horse and buggy himself, having previously told the females to get themselves and the children ready for a journey. Before leaving the place,however Ned Kelly put the bank books in the strong room and locked the place up and fastened the side door. Our whole party then went into the back yard where the hawker's wagon was standing. Messers Bradley and Booth and 3 of the children were then placed in the wagon and Dan Kelly took charge of them. Mrs Scott and her mother, with the 2 other children and one of the women servants were placed in Mr Scott's trap. Mr Scott's wife was ordered to drive Mr Scott and one of the servants travelled with Ned Kelly in the other cart that had been taken from Mr Casement . Steve Hart who was identified as a member of the KellyGang for the first time rode on horseback. See also (RC2ndReportIX)

What happened in the rest of the town - Mr Wyatt at the licensing court and the funeral

Mr Wyatt., the magistrate saw the damaged telegraph wires at Faithfuls Creek Station and held a licensing court hearing in town while the robbery was going on.

The court house where Wyatt held his licencing hearing is about half-a-mile from the station. The bank that was robbed was about 200 yards from and in sight of the railway station. The court house was not in sight of the railway station. (RC2131)

After the hearing Wyatt hired a buggy from Hart's hotel (Hart had recently purchased one of the de Boos hotels). He got back to the railway station at about 6.30pm and spent some time talking to Mr Gorman while he waited the train. Gorman told Wyatt about Gould's link to the KellyGang. (RC2246)

The funeral was of young Bill Gouge.

A lot of carpenters were working at a house on the railway reserve, opposite the bank.(RC523)

Mr Gorman was the station master.

A local school teacher reported 'I was in Euroa on the evening of the bank robbery, attending a committee meeting held at the hotel, some 30 yards from the bank. About 9 30 p.m. the landlord said he thought something was wrong at the bank, as there were no lights about. On going there we found that the place had been robbed. Shortly after the station-master came in and said he had received information that Faithfull's Creek station had been stuck up, and that the banker's family had been taken there from the bank. I proposed beating the town for volunteers to rescue them. The one constable stationed there, by name Anderson, said it was impracticable, owing to there being no firearms in the place. He said he intended going by the 9.50 p.m. luggage train (just due) to Benalla, to carry the information.' (RC15494) See also (Alexandra14/12/1878) was the school master Mr Walkden.

On the day after the robbery the first normal train arrived at Euroa at 10.10am (RC546)

Military from the Garrison Artillery sent to Euroa to protect banks in town after the Euroa robbery. (RCApp8)

They were withdrawn in July 1879 (RC915)

Army called out (Argus17/12/78)

Ben Gould found in the Seven Creeks Hotel, charged under Felony Act (OMA18/1/79)

On 22/1/1879 the police recieved information was received from a water policeman at Euroa, who was on leave of absence, that he had seen the KellyGang some ten or twelve miles out Wuroa, of towards Murchison. (RC2032) (Argus22/1/79) A hoax (Argus23/1/79)

Were the KellyGang in town. (Argus1/2/79)

Ned Kelly passed through Euroa on his way back to Melbourne Gaol after his committal hearing (Herald12/8/1880)

Members of the Euroa community

George Murray,

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What to see

What happened at Euroa after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Euroa today

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