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Date Person Place Event
1/11/79 sa Steele RatsCastle Sgt Steele led a search party to the Rats Castle
2/11/79 su      
3/11/79 m      
4/11/79 t   Melbourne Melbourne Cup
5/11/79 w Standish Benalla Standish went up to Benalla to see Nicolson, went to Beechworth
    Sebastopol Standish & Nicolson went to see Aaron Sherritt
6/11/79 t      
7/11/79 f      
8/11/79 sa      
9/11/79 su      
10/11/79 m Brooke Smith   Nicolson produced a report on Brooke Smith's health ,(Argus),
11/11/79 t Mrs Byrne   Mrs Byrne wanted to see Mary Jane
12/11/79 w James Wallace   James Wallace wrote to Nicolon ,(Argus),
13/11/79 t Dan Kelly   Dan Kelly visited Jack Sherritt.
11am Nicolson Benalla Nicolson left Benalla on the train
  Nicolson Chiltern Nicolson refused Baumgarten's applications for more land
7pm Jack Sherritt Beechworth Nicolson arrived at Beechworth
    Jack Sherritt arrived in Beechworth to see Nicolson and Ward
8pm     Jack sent off to Julien's; met Patsey Byrne
14/11/79 f .

Captain Moonlite

  KellyGang came to Mrs Sherritt's home

Captain Moonlite at Wanterbadgery

15/11/79sa     Nicolson left Beechworth
17/11/79 m Captain Moonlite   Captain Moonlite captured (Argus18/11/79),(Argus),
18/11/79 t     ,(Argus),
19/11/79 w     ,(Argus),
20/11/79 t      
21/11/79 f     ,(Argus),
22/11/79 sa     ,(Argus),
23/11/79 su Joe Byrne   Joe Byrne saw Jack Sherritt at his home
24/11/79 m      
25/11/79 t      
26/11/79 w Wallace   James Wallace wrote to Nicolson about Jack Sherritt
27/11/79 t Jack Sherritt   Jack Sherritt told Ward about the meeting with Joe Byrne on 23rd
28/11/79 f      
1/12/79 m     ,(Argus),
2/12/79 t      
3/12/79 w   Sebastopol Start of the police cave party to watch Mrs Byrne's place
4/12/79 t     ,(Argus),
5/12/79 f      
6/12/79 sa      
7/12/79 su      
8/12/79 m      
9/12/79 t      
13/12/79 sa      
14/12/79 su      
15/12/79 m Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner joined the cave party watching Mrs Byrne's
16/12/79 t      
17/12/79 w      
18/12/79 t      
19/12/79 f      
20/12/79 sa      
21/12/79 su      
22/12/79 m      
23/12/79 t      
24/12/79 w      
25/12/79 t      
26/12/79 f Sherritt   Aaron and Belle married
27/12/79 sa Nicolson   cave party established by Nicolson ,
28/12/79 su      
29/12/79 m      
30/12/79 t      
31/12/79 w      
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