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Date Person Place Event
1/4/80   Sebastopol Cave party watching at Mrs Byrne's was withdrawn
2/4/80 Ward   Det Ward was at Benalla
2.20pm     Ward arrived at Beechworth
  Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner's report on the cave party
  Barry   Const Barry's third report on the cave party
3/4/80 McHugh   Const McHugh wrote a report
  Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner was in Benalla
  Cox   Const Cox was in Rutherglen
5/4/80 Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner's third report on the cave party
16/4/80     ,(Argus),
17/4/80 Ward   Ward got report of Mrs Byrne from Mrs Sherritt.
19/4/80     'Connor' letter complaining about Nicolson
22/4/80   Mansfield memorial to Sgt Kennedy, and Consts Lonigan & Scanlon operned
23/4/80     ,(Argus),
24/4/80     ,(Argus),
25/4/80 Nicolson Melbourne Nicolson met Standish and the Chief Secretary Mr Ramsay; dismissal
27/4/80     ,(Argus),
5/5/80 Mullane Beechworth SConst Mullane reported on the cave party
  Standish   Standish wrote letter re Graves & authorship of letter signed
8/5/80 sa      
9/5/80 su      
10/5/80 m      
11/5/80 t      
12/5/80 w      
13/5/80 t      
14/5/80 f Diseased stock   Diseased stock agent wrote to Nicolson
15/5/80 sa      
16/5/80 su      
17/5/80 m      
18/5/80 t      
19/5/80 w Nicolson   Nicolson wrote report to the Chief Secretary
20/5/80 t Diseased Stock   Diseased Stock Agent reported to police KellyGang making armour
21/5/80 f Nicolson Melbourne Nicolson and Ramsay, meeting re Nicolson's future
22/5/80 sa      
23/5/80 su      
24/5/80 m      
25/5/80 t      
26/5/80 w Nicolson   Nicolson in Melbourne
early morn MrsSherritt SheepStation Ck Mrs Sherritt saw Joe Byrne; looking for John Sherritt's horses
  JoeByrne   Joe Byrne warn Mrs Sherritt about killing Aaron and Ward
    Beechworth Mrs Sherritt warn Ward.
27/5/80 t      
28/5/80 f      
29/5/80 sa Renwick   In the morning Det Ward saw Renwick near Sebastopol
  Nicolson Beechworth Nicolson in Beechworth seeing Mrs Sherritt.
  JoeByrne London Joe Byrne seen by Sherritt near Byrne's Gully or London
30/5/80 su Nicolson Everton Nicolson+ went on a search party from Benalla to Everton
31/5/80 m Armstrong Beechworth Const Armstrong arrived to watch Mrs Byrne's home
1/6/80 t Nicolson Sebastopol Nicolson withdrew party & slep at Crawfords
      Nicolson, SConst Kelly, Insp O'Connor + returned to Benalla
2/6/80 w      
11.15 am Hare Benalla Hare arrived in Benalla to replace Nicolson
12-2.30   Benalla Meeting between Hare and Nicolson
6.40 pm Nicolson Benalla Nicolson sends telegram about dismissal of agents
3/6/80 t Ward Benalla Nicolson left Benalla for Melbourne
  Ward   Hare and Det Ward had a long chat
      Hare travelled from Benalla to Beechworth (train)
  Armstrong Beechworth Consts Armstrong Alexander McColl sent to Aaron Sherritt's home
4/6/80 f      
5/6/80 sa Hare Beechworth Hare visited Beechworth, saw Aaron Sherritt with Ward
  Magor   Const Magor moved to Aaron Sherritt's home as 4th police
6/6/89 su      
7/6/80 m      
8/6/80 t      
9/6/80 w      
10/6/80 t      
11/6/80 f Hare   Sup Hare sent Canny and Faulkiner out to have a look around
12/6/80 sa      
13/6/80 su      
14/6/80 m Seymour   Com Seymour ordered O'Connor and trackers back to Qld
  Jacob Wilson   Const Stephens went out to Wilson's to watch Tom Lloyd's
15/6/80 t      
16/6/80 w Duross Dowling Cotton Tree Duross and Dowling replaced Magor and McCall at Aaron Sherritts
  Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner & Canny wrote to Hare about KellyGang movements
18/6/80 fr      
19/6/80 sa      
4pm Hare Beechworth Hare arrived in Beechworth
8pm Sherritt Sebastopol Hare and Ward arrived to see police at Aaron Sherritt's
20/6/80 su Ward Mullane   Det Ward & SConst Mullane spent day looking for place in the ranges
  Paddy Byrne Sebastopol  
21/6/80mo PaddyByrne Sherritt Paddy rode to close where the police were watching
22/6/80 tu Armstrong Beechworth Const Armstrong at Beechworth to tell Ward about Paddy Byrne
23/6/80we O'Connor Benalla O'Connor and the Qld trackers ordered to leave for Melbourne
24/6/80th Ah Yang   Const Faulkiner met Ah Yang on the Black Dog Creek
25/6/80fr Diseased Stock Benalla Diseased Stock came to warn Hare about armour
  O'Connor Benalla O'Connor and trackers left Benalla for Melbourne
  Bracken Glenrowan Bracken had been watching Maggie Skillion's home; at home with the flu
  Barry Kelly home Barry and other police witdrawn from watching Kelly home.

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