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opposite Pioneer Hotel

on Ovens River located east of Glenrowan on the road from Wangaratta to Myrtleford and near the Ovens River


With the discovery of gold Everton developed as a the start of a short cut around Wangaratta that saved a day on the trip of a bullock team between Beechworth and Melbourne.

Everton was on the route to Beechworth in the north and Melbourne (via Oxley, Greta, Winton) in the south.

In the 1860s a school was to be built at Tarrawingee because of the punt over the Ovens River.

Importance of Everton



What was Everton like in the late 1870s

Building the railway line to Beechworth (Argus8/1/76)

The railway line between Wangaratta and Everton was opened on 7/7/1875 (Argus30/9/76)


Facilities in Everton in the late 1870s

Population Hotels See also Pioneer Bridge Hotel Schools? Post Office Everton Station post office opened in Jan 1876

Postal service from Beechworth to Everton railway station (six days a week 1876)

and from Everton to Wandiligong via Bowman's Forest, Taylor's Gap, Myrtleford, Eurobin, Porepunka, Bright.

Other things of interest Blind Bridge was between Everton and Beechworth

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The KellyGang bought several boxes of sardines and some horse feed in Everton on the night of 27/10/1878 on their way after the Mansfield Murders. Later on 3/11/1878 the KellyGang came back through Everton on their way to Wangaratta. (RC3149)

On 6/11/1878 Sup Sadleir caught the train to Everton and then went on to Taylor's Gap to meet 2 parties of police. (RC1764)

On 30/5/1880 Nicolson and a party of police came up from Benalla on the train and got off at Everton to start and met Aaron Sherritt (RC801)(RC15116)

The police started out at once by horseback to a certain paddock, about two miles, I think, from the spot where the outlaw had been seen; thence by foot to the exact place. They got the man's track, and, after following it for some distance, found it was only a man collecting cows. Later they came near Mrs Byrne's home. (RC1110)

Members of the Everton community

What happened at Everton after the time of the KellyGang

The Everton police station was formed in 1883

The railway line from Wangarratta to Mytleford and Bright had a station at Everton. the line no longer operates

What is happening at Everton today