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The Country around Faithfull's Creek

Head waters

Down Stream



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What was Faithfull's like in the late 1870's

There was an aboriginal corroboree on Shean's Gully (Ensign26/7/1872)

Properties and Towns along the way

Faithfull's Creek

Other things of interest

In April 1838 the Faithfull's aboriginal massacre occurred.

see area of Chisholm St Benalla.

The site was close to the city of Benalla on the rich swamp land. Briefly the massacre was a result of loss of land by the aboriginals that was followed by punitive raids from the squatters. It occurred a few days after George and William Faithfull's overseer arrived in the area. The Aborigines had had their lands taken and they were being pressured for hunting grounds. They fought back and only 2 out of the 8 white men survived. The Aborigines also took a dray and a lot of other supplies.

See an account in the Sydney Morning Herald of 21/5/1838 (Argus13/9/83)

What happened in the area of Faithfull's Creek after the time of the Kelly Gang

How has the Faithfull's Creek area changed

What is happening at Faithfull's Creek today