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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Patrick Charles Gascoigne (3056)

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Links to the KellyGang

Early Years I was taken on as a probationary constable on 6/3/1879 and went to North Eastern Victoria. My first station was at Violet Town with Const Duross. I was described as a first rate shot with a weapon (RC9609)

In June 1879 we were out in the Strathbogie with Sup Hare. The first night I heard some dogs barking at the crossing of the creek; so in the morning we were travelling in that direction, and the black tracker picked up some tracks. He followed them on for about a mile, and then they went up the range and came down again, and went in and out; and Mr. Hare came to the conclusion that they were the tracks of some one looking for cattle. (RC9614)

Photograph Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 In July Ass Com Nicolson started regular rifle practice for the officers stationed at Benalla. See my scores (RC1014)

I was stationed at Violet Town. (RC9618) Spring 1879 Early 1880 When I was with Sconst Kelly, looking for the man travelling with the cart, I heard about the mould-boards, when we were round Greta.(RC9640) Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880

I produced a detailed report See text (RC9674)


I started to get ready to catch the special train in Benalla at about 3pm (RC8030)

Special train leaves Benalla to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt


Arrive at Glenrowan

I arrived at Glenrowan by train at about 2.30 am on the morning of the siege with Sup Hare.

When the train was stopped by Mr Curnow, Consts Barry, Phillips and I went from this train to the pilot engine, which was perhaps a quarter of a mile ahead (RC7774.7357)(RC9674)

When we reached the station Sup Hare, accompanied by Consts Barry, Phillips, myself, and Mr. Rawlings, proceeded to the gate-house, the residence of the station master.

Begining of the siege

I was one of the first through the gate as we went to meet the KellyGang. (See also RC7774.7367) (RC11567)

I was near SConst Kelly when Sup Hare was shot (RC8076)

When SConst Kelly first made his rounds after we had been told to spead out, I was near Consts Arthur and Phillip on the Benalla side. (RC8143) (RC6640) (See also RC7774.7375)

I sung out to stop firing because there were women in the house. (RC7774.7376)

I was next to Const Phillips when Neil McHugh carried Mrs Jones's son out of the Inn (RC11307)

I then saw the flash of a rifle. The man who fired the first shot was standing about 10 yards" from the corner of the hotel. The report of his rifle had not died away when I saw a row of flashes come from under the verandah of the hotel; the police quickly returned the fire. (RC9674)

I managed to get behind a small sapling post, about 30 yards from the end of the hotel. I had not been there many minutes when shots were fired from two trees above me, and two men were firing over me from behind. I called to the men behind to cease firing in that direction, which they did. At this time a woman came out of the hotel at the back (RC9674)

Arrival of Sup Sadleir and police from Benalla

I was round at the Benalla side of the Inn (RC9441)

Capture of Ned Kelly


Release of the civilians


Burning of Jones's Inn


See also the Royal Commission's comment on my role (RC2nd reportXV).

Account of Royal Commission criticized (Argus10/2/82)

Kelly Reward Board Following the meetings of the Reward Board in December 1880 I recieved a reward of about £137

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 2/6/1881 (RC9608)

What did the press have to say about my evidence (Argus3/6/81)

Early Service

I joined the police force on 6/3/1879. I have lived in the north east of Victoria all my life (RC9631)

Later Service

I was stationed at Glenrowan for a time after the siege (RC9656)

I arrested James Kelly and Wild Wright for horse stealing (Argus13/9/81)


wife ?... children ?.... home ?..

What happened to Const Gascoigne's family