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Importance of Mr David Gaunson

I was the Chairman of Committees of the Legislative Assemby, a parliamentarian and lawyer who was inolved in Ned Kelly's trial. My brother William Gaunson was also involved in the practice Links to the KellyGang , Early Years , Euroa Robbery , Trial of sympathizers , Jerilderie Robbery , Autum 1879 , Hare replaced by Nicolson , Spring 1879 Early 1880 , Ned Kellys Committal Hearing , Ned Kelly's trial , Plans to save Ned Kelly , Royal Commission , Early service , Later service, Family ,

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Ned Kelly's Committal Hearing/10/1880 In late July 1880 Mrs Maggie Skillion and Tom Lloyd came down to brief me to act for Ned Kelly in his defence at his trial. (Argus6/8/80)

Why was I chosen to defend ned Kelly (Argus6/8/80)

While we were planning things the authorities moved the location of the hearing to Beechworth. I saw Ned Kelly in Beechworth Gaol. (Age6/8/1880)

Part of the conversation was reported by a prison officer who was present.

The committal hearing started on 6/8/1880. At a committal hearing the Crown is required to present its witnesses so that the defence can see the evidence against them before the trial. It was likely that Ned Kelly was going to be committed and there was no real point in 'trying to win' the case by tying to get the magistrate Mr Foster, to find that Ned Kelly had no case to answer. So there was no point in presenting any evidence or showing our the line of defence that we might make at the trial. (Argus7/8/80)

See details of the committal (Age9/8/1880) and my exchange with the Chief Secretaries Department. I was appauled that the committal was transferred to Beechworth at the last moment.

I conducted Ned Kelly's defence at his committal in Beechworth. (Herald6/8/80) (Age9/8/1880) (Argus9/8/80) (Argus10/8/80) (SMH10/8/80) (Argus11/8/80) (Kilmore12/8/1880) (JJK)

I complained about how the committal was carried out. (Argus12/8/80)

And how the Newspaper reported things. My letter. (Argus16/8/80) (Argus16/8/80)

What people thought about me (OMA14/8/1880)

Photograph Ned Kelly's Trial

We engaged Mr Bindon as the barrister to defend Ned Kelly at his trail. I acted as the solicitor. We had had little opportunity to examine the material from the committal hearing and I felt that the best opportunity we had to defend Ned would come if we got the cass adjourned until thenext sitting of the court. Feeling was still strong against the KellyGang after Glenrowan and the committal hearing at Beechworth.

I provided an affidavit. See text (Argus16/10/80)

Affidavit for next adjournment application (Argus19/10/80)

See also (JJK)

Plans to save Ned Kelly I addressed a protest meeting held at the Hippodrome with several 1000 people (JJK)

My brother William and Mr Caulfield worked very hard with me to get the right result (Agrus10/11/80)

I was critised by everyone. Read my speech. (Argus6/11/80) (Argus8/11/80) (Argus11/11/80)

I then took a petition to the Governor in an attempt to save Ned Kelly.(Age9/11/80)

The Ballarat Star raised a petion against me following my support for Ned Kelly. see text (Argus16/11/80) (Argus26/11/80) (Argus11/10/82)

Early Career

I commented about the stringybark creek murders in Parliament.(Argus13/12/78)

Later Career

I represented Supt Winch before the Royal Commission (Argus30/9/82) (Argus11/11/82)

I was still defending myself (Argus31/1/1906)



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