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One of the original squatting runs in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns


Red Camp station

History at Glenmore Run before the KellyGang

First taken up in ?

In 1876 the license was owned by William Lewis, ? acres, £50 half year license fee

Where did the name Glenmore Run come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors



Original neighbouring properties

Holland's Creek
Fern Hills

What was Glenmore Run like in the late 1870's

A school was set up near the homestead at Chestnut South

The Glenmore police station was destroyed by fire on 13 February 1872 and £100 reward was offered for any information.

What was the country around Glenmore like (Argus5/11/78)

Lewis' station and Isard's station were near by (RC3143)

Links to the KellyGang

The Quinns took up Glenmore Run in 1863 and Harry Power was arrested nearby

Glenmore police station

In 1870 Ass Com Nicolson organised and formed the Glenmore police station, which he said, if it had been kept up, would have checked if not prevented the KellyGang outbreak (RC16901)(RC13346). The station was set up following by Insp Montfort following Harry Power's arrest.(RC3193) see also (RC206)(RC3239)(RC16215)

Insp Montfort though the station was one of the most important, "To keep down horse and cattle stealing, and the free passage of the criminal class, the Quinns and Kellys and their associates, backwards and forwards from Mansfield." (RC3188)

Com Standish took the opposite view,'It was of very little use that station' (RC203). The station was closed in late 1875 and moved to 3 miles above Hedi station on the orders of Sup Barclay. (RC2nd ReportII)(See also RC3196)

But he also said, 'It was generally known to be a cattle-stealing district for many years.' (RC16221)

Insp Monfort considered the closure of the Glenmore police station and the lack of police was the reason for the Kelly outbreak. He said the station was needed, 'To keep down horse and cattle stealing, and the free passage of the criminal class, the Quinns and Kellys and their associates, backwards and forwards from Mansfield. (RC3181)(RC16223)

Const McInerney was stationed at Glenmore. It would seem that he was not very effective. He died in the Lunatic Asylum. (RC3266)(RC16223)

There was a system of horse and cattle stealing carried on uninterruptedly in that district by men from the Greta district (RC210)

Sgt Steele led a search party hunting the KellyGang to near Glenmore run soon after the Stringy Bark Murders in November 1878.(Argus5/11/78) (RC676)

Graves believed that the principal time that the KellyGang were out they kept in the immediate neighborhood between Greta and Moyhu. Either at Glenmore Station, or on the Hedi. There were always strange horses whenever he went up, or marks of strange horse in paddocks. It was his impression that they were in the district the whole time. (RC15507)

The police stables were burnt down (RC3516)

John Lewis's Run

On the morning of about 30/11/1878 SConst Kelly and his search party arrived at Lewis's Run after spending the night on Boggy Creek. Lewis dried and fed the party before they went off to Redcamp and Hedi. (RC7983)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Glenmore Run

What happened at Glenmore Run after the time of the Kelly Gang

A Police station was to be set up at Glenmore as a result of the Glenrowan Siege. (RC16716)

What is happening at Glenmore Run today