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located south west of Sydney on the Hume Highway in New South Wales


As soon as the Blue Mountains were crossed many squatters made their way through the Goulburn area.

Importance of Goulburn

Goulburn and Bathurst were the two great inland towns of New South Wales. It was the main administrative centre for all the country south to the Victorian boarder.

What was Goulburn like in the late 1870s

Goulburn had a lage number of industries involved with the wool trade and many fine buildings that are still standing

There was no hospital between the one in Beechworth and Goulburn

The railway line from Sydney arrived in Goulburn and stopped there for a few years (T&C25/6/1870) (T&C5/4/1873)

What was the town like (T&C25/6/1870)



Facilities in Goulburn in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Royal Hotel (T&C5/4/1873) Churches Anglican and Catholic Cathedrals and most other churches Schools [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Main Streets Local Government Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office Police Station Other things of interest Goulburn had a brewery and many other industries.

Links to the KellyGang

Joe Byrne's mother and father were married in the Catholic church of St Peter and Paul in Goulburn in July 1855.

In about 4/2/1879 Aaron Sherritt told Sup Hare the KellyGang may have gone to Goulburn before going to Jerilderie. (RC 1275) (JJK)

Members of the Goulburn community

What happened at Goulburn after the time of the Kelly Gang

One of Joe Byrne's brothers or sisters finished up in the mental hospital in Goulburn. The family had little opportunity to visit.

What is happening at Goulburn today - linked to the Kelly Country and Ned Kelly's story