Goulburn River

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The country around Goulburn River

Head waters in the Victorian Alps aboveWoods Point. Other towns along the way include Jamieson.

Down Stream

Hughes's Creek




The river joins the Murray above Echuca.

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Map Police checked all the crossing places over the Goulburn River for the KellyGang. (Argus17/12/78)

Const J Dwyer was stationed on the Goulburn River (RC9392 )

What was Goulburn River like in the late 1870's

The importance of the Goulburn River to Victoria (Alexandra11/10/1873)

Farming along the Goulburn (Argus8/10/66)

James MacKintosh had a saw mill at Stewart's Bridge on the Goulburn River

The railway bridge over the Goulburn River is built. (Argus31/1/71) (Argus20/11/73)

the steamer Bunyip made it all the way up the river to Seymour (Kilmore2/5/1878)

Harvest along the lower Goulburn (Illustrated16/2/1880)

The River was a real barrier to travel. Crossings were important.

There was Sloans punt.

IIn 1869 opposite Allardyce's station, Riversdale Station, the Farmer's Friend punt was introduced (Alexandra10/6/1869) (Alexandra25/10/1873)

Talk of a bridge at Howqua Junction (Alexandra26/11/1869)

Near flood (Argus16/10/79)

Properties and Towns along the way

Flows through Seymour

Torrensdale, Furlonge (Argus8/10/66)

Carrick-o'Shanassy (Argus8/10/66)

Wanregarwan (on southern bank, 3 miles above Sloan's punt)

How has the Goulburn River area changed

What happened in the area of Goulburn River after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening along Goulburn River today