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Grace Kelly was one of Ned Kelly's younger sisters


father Red Kelly mother Ellen Quinn brothers and sisters Mary Jane, Anne 11/53, Edward (Ned) 12/54, Margaret (Maggie) 55?, James 59, Daniel (Dan) 61, Catherine (Kate) 63, Grace 8/65, , half brother and sisters Ellen 74,John and Alice 78 husband Edward Griffiths children Sarah Ann 'Ellen' 90, Amelia 96, Michael 'Les' 99, John 'Black Jack' 1900, Peter 03, Patrick 07, Joseph

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Early years I was born at Avenel on 10/8/1865

Photograph I was 12 years old at the time. I was at home at the time when Fitzpatrick came. He made eyes at my sister Kate. She was 14. Fitzpatrick made a grab for Kate when he was sitting on a stool waiting for Dan to finish his meal. Some people say that my brother Ned forbade me and my sister Kate from giving evidence in defence of our mother and Skillion and Williamson. They were taken away to gaol.

Later I visited my brother Ned Kelly the day before they killed him (Age11/11/80)

I was at home when the Royal commission visited my Mother. What did I have to say? (Argus16/5/81)

I married Edward Griffiths at Benalla in 1889 and died in 1940. My son Archibald married Margaret McAuliffe.

What happened to my family