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North of Greta

Importance of Greta Swamp

What was Greta Swamp like in the late 1870s

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The KellyGang mention the Greta Swamp in the Jerilderie letter. While discussing the incident between Ned Kelly and the hawker Mr and Mrs McCormack, they tell us that Mr. Johns had a horse called Ruta Cruta. Although he was a gelding he was as clever as old Wombat or any other stallion at running horses away and taking them on his beat which was from Greta swamp to the Seven Mile Creek.

The Royal Commission found that in the autumn of 1880 the KellyGang were usually in the vicinity of the Greta Swamp, from which they would move back to the ranges, get across the Ovens River towards Sebastopol, and from thence to the Pilot Range, near Wodonga. (RC2ndreportXII) (RC758)

The KellyGang used a small two-roomed weatherboard building in the middle of the swamp.(BWC)



What happened at Greta Swamp after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at the area of Greta Swamp today