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Importance of Louise Gustav (Gustav) Baumgarten

I was a sympathizer and horse trader. Links to the KellyGang., Early Years, Teenage years , First run in with the law , Mansfield Murders , Escape North , Euroa Robbery , Mass arrest of sympathizers , Jerilderie Robbery, Later in 1879 , Early in 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Family.,


brothers and sisters William, Frederick, Christina, Herrman, Andrew Otto, Rudolph Louise, Albert August wife Catherine Ellen Dawson Children see below

Links to the KellyGang

Photograph Early years William and I were migrants to Australia from Germany. We lived on the River Murray in Barnawartha area

First run in with the law In October 1877 horses stolen some time before from James Whitty were found in Howlong. William Cooke was charged with stealing the horses from Whitty and others near Greta. In the end he was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years in goal. (Argus4/3/78) (Argus2/5/78) (Argus31/10/78) (Argus14/10/78)

See also the Jerilderie Letter

My brother William Baumgarten, and my friends John Studders and Samuel Kennedy and I were all charged with receiving the animals knowing that they had been stolen. While I knew Ned Kelly I was not involved in this matter and I did not know that they were stolen. Was he the Thompson who the police could not find. In the end I was discharged and allowed to go free. See also Sgt Steele and (Argus10/8/80) (RC8812) (RC213)

Escape north After the Mansfield murders the KellyGang came north and tried to cross the Murray River near our farm

See also (CHC) On 31/10/1878 Sgt Lynch from Chiltern sent the following telegram to the Detective Department.-' Kelly and three other stuck up a man named Neil Christian, near Baumgarten’s place at Bangowannah, before daylight yesterday morning, and obtained provisions from him. Kelly threatened to shoot Christian should he give information. Information not obtained until half past three o'clock this afternoon.'(Age1/11/1878)(Argus1/11/1878)(Alexandra2/11/1878)

Who was Neil Christian? (Argus2/11/1878)

Later in 1879 Was in Pentridge Prison in Feburary 1879? (OMA 13/2/1879)

On 13/11/1879 Ass Com Nicolson refused a Baumgarten's applications for more land on advice of Insp Brooke Smith and Det Ward. (RC15751)

Later life

The Baumgarten family

The following information about my early life has kindly been provided by one of my descendants and a member of my wife's family

"William was born Wilhelm Godfried Baumgarten around 1844 in Osterwedingen, Prussia, later to become part of Germany. He was the third child in a family of 6 born to Andreas Johann Baumgarten and Caroline Louise Heine. (Gustav was the fourth child, born Louise Gustav Baumgarten on 25 December 1845 in Kochsladt, Germany (Prussia))

"Gustav married Catherine Ellen Dawson. I don't know where Catherine came from or who her parents were. Gustav and Catherine married in 1876 in Barnawartha and they had 10 children there, Hubert Gustav Dawson 1878, and Unknown male 1880, Clarence Dawson 1881, Ivy Emma Dawson 1883, Lindsay Gustav Dawson 1885, Maud Louisa Dawson 1886, Gustav Lee Dawson 1889, Evelyn Alfred Dawon 1891, Flora Kath Dawson 1896 and Elsie Emily Dawson 1898.

"William and Gustav described themselves as farmers at these times.

"The sister that came with them, Louisa Caroline also married, Fritz Beck in 1863 and they had ten children, though it appears they moved to Chiltern.

" The of the younger brothers, at least three married and went forth and multiplied.

"This is where Gustav becomes sketchy. In 1909 Gustav became Naturalized in Melbourne. In World War I, Gustav's second youngest son, Gustav Lee Dawson Baumgarten, served in the Imperial Forces. He gives his mother as his next of kin, but she now lives in Queensland. I do not know when Gustav Senior died. It is thought that the offer of land in Queensland, the possible animosity generated from both the charges laid against the brothers and the feeling toward Germans during the war, helped Gustav and Catherine decide to move to Queensland. This particular theory has not been proven.

Gustav's wife Catherine Ellen Dawson was the daughter of Dr William Lee Dawson and Emma Seabrook. She was born in Tasmania.

Emma’s Seabrook's parents were Henry William Seabrook & Sarah White. They arrived on the “Thomas Laurie” in Hobart Town 1832. Her father was a carpenter & later became an alderman on the Town Council.

The Seabrook family are well known for the building of many buildings in the Hobart area.

Emma was born 1834 & was the third of twelve children.

Emma Seabrook was married in Hobart on 25 August 1856 to Dr William Lee Dawson who was born in Ireland in 1819.

Dr Dawson arrived in Hobart Town on the ‘Mooltan’ as the ship’s surgeon on 30 October 1854. William settled in the township of Franklin on the River Huon about 20 odd miles south west of Hobart.

As the only medical office in Franklin, William Dawson was also Deputy Registrar for BDM for the district of Franklin.

On 24 November 1854, Dr Dawson had been appointed Medical Officer at the Huon and a notice appeared on 5 December 1854 in the Hobart Town Gazette Emma & Dr Dawson had four children Catherine Ellen (Kate), William Henry, Louisa Annie, Robert Ernest.

Dr Dawson died 29th June 1871, aged 52yrs from consumption,.

His wife must have moved to Victoria after her husband’s death as she died in East Melbourne on 27 July 1885 from bronchitis and is buried at St Kilda Cemetery.

Catherine married Gustav Baumgarten at St Peter’s Church of England in Melbourne on 30 November 1876.

Gustav was about eleven when he arrived with his parents & four brothers & sisters on the ship “Sophie” on 21st October, 1858 at Port Adelaide.

Catherine & Gustav Baumgarten lived at “Pleasant Bank”, Barnawatha where Gustav had established vineyards.

Gustav’s brother William owned a property nearby.

Catherine & Gustav’s 10 children were -

Herbert Gustav Dawson Baumgarten b. 1878, d. 26 Jan 1952, Ernest Harold Dawson Baumgarten b. 1880 (married Dorothy Lilian MUDGE b. Abt 1898, m. 5 Jul 1918, Clarence Dawson Baumgarten b. 1881, d. 19 Nov 1963, QLD, Ivy Emma Dawson Baumgarten b. 1883 (married Gordon Leslie KELTON), Lindsay Gustav Dawson Baumgarten b. 1885, Maud Louise Dawson Baumgarten b. 1886 (married George FERRIER b. Abt 1903, m. 11 Aug 1923), 3-Gustav Leigh Dawson Baumgarten b. 1889, d. 15 Mar 1950, Evelyn Alfred Dawson Baumgarten b. 1891, 3-Florence Catherine Dawson Baumgarten b. 1896 (married Richard Walter HARDING b. Abt 1905, m. 26 Jan 1925), Elsie Emily Dawson Baumgarten b. 1898. All were born in Victoria.

See the full family tree at