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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Const N Hagger

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Importance of Mounted Const N Hagger

The police officer based mainly at ...

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Spring 1879 - Early 1880 Second Cave Party 2/12/1879 -1/4/1880

I was a member of the cave party under Const Alexander. (RC1717) He can tell you what we did

When the party ended Det Ward to me, 'Hagger, I am sorry that you have had no luck. It is a strange thing, after the good information, that there has no luck come of it. You had better leave a memo. stating the time that you were employed on this, and the nature of the duty, and I have no doubt Mr. Nicolson will make a favorable entry on your sheets.' (RC13855) see also (RC5440) (RC13558)


Early Service

Later Service


wife ... children .... home ..

What happened to Const Hays' family