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Located on Ovens River. Take the road from Wangaratta that goes up the Ovens Valley in the direction of Mt Bufflalo


Part of the Ovens Gold Field.

Settled in 1852 by gold miners, it became a resting place for those en route to the Omeo, Dargo and Glen Wills goldfields. Reef mining commenced in the area in 1861 as alluvial gold became scarce. At one point 348 reefs were officially registered.

Importance of Harrietville



What was Harrietville like in the late 1870s

Facilities in Harrietville in the late 1870s

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Harrietville was a centre for horse and cattle stealing that extended right over the high plains as far as Omeo.

Insp Montfort thought that the Harrietville police station should have been maintained. (RC3551)

There were reports that the KellyGang may have been getting supplies from a Chinese store keeper in Harrietville. (RC5843)

Famous members of the Harrietville community

What happened at Harrietville after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Harrietville today

The last town before Mt Hotham on the Great Alpine Road, Harrietville is ski town in winter.

The rich soil of the valley floor and the river produce good crops of vegetables and berries. trout. Salmon thrive in the unique conditions.