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West of Wagga Wagga, in the Riverina. On the Murrimbidgee River


Originally called Lang's Crossing Place

Importance of Hay

About the last port up the Murrumbidgee

Hay was the headquarters for Cobb and Co (T&C16/10/1875)



What was Hay like in the late 1870s

See (T&C17/8/1872)

Facilities in Hay in the late 1870s

Population 800 Hotels Tattersall’s Family Hotel (T&C14/9/1872)

Bush Inn , William Sabine (T&C14/9/1872)

Punt Hotel , Edward Brandon

Crown Hotel , W Carter


Bridge Hotel , Lenning

Churches English (T&C7/9/1872)


Wesleyan, Schools State school, John Hunter (T&C14/9/1872)

Hay Commercial School, Hyde

'Main Streets River traffic punt over the Murrumbidgee operated by Johns (T&C14/9/1872 '

six whalfs operated by ? Pollard, L A Moss, Forsyth and Co; Blewett and Co., and J E Warby Coaches


Australian Joint Stock Bank (T&C7/9/1872)

Local Government Hay Municipality formed 1872, first mayor Frank Johns aldermen:-Messrs. Threlkeld, Tartakpover, S? Johns, Pollard, and Witcombe (T&C14/9/1872)

president is Mr J E Pearce; hon. treasurer, Mr James Macgregor, junr.; hon. sec., P W Reed. Dr Gordon (T&C14/9/1872)

FA Franklin, engineer, William Threlkeld clerk Police Station

Insp Creaghe

Telegraph Office

Post Office

R S Arnott Other things of interest Agents are Messrs Forsyth and Co, and Blewett and Co., and Mr Moore (T&C14/9/1872)

Accountants James, M'Gregor, and Lakeman

Witcombe Bros builders (T&C14/9/1872)

Brewer T Simpson (T&C14/9/1872)


S&A Moss, store keepers (T&C7/9/1872) (T&C14/9/1872)

Shop Blewett and Co. (T&C14/9/1872)

JH Pollard, JE Warby

A Tatakover

WL Smith

Dr Gordon

W E Twynam, and F W Wood solicitors

Hay Pastoral Association (T&C14/9/1872)

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The KellyGang 'traded' horses around Hay

Famous members of the Hay community

Mrs J H Palmer (T&C7/9/1872)

W E Twynam, T E Blewett, George Loughnan, P G Milne, W Threlkeld, J M Gordon, J É Blake, George Butterworth, and Alfred Tartakover - school board (T&C7/9/1872)

What happened at Hay after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Hay today