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One of the properties in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns
About eight or nine miles from Glenmore in the Black Range

History at Hedi before the KellyGang

First taken up in ?

Izzard in the 1870s

Where did the name Hedi come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors



Original neighbouring properties

What was Hedi like in the late 1870's

In 1876 the police station from Glenmore was moved to 3 miles above Hedi (RC 2nd Report). Location (Argus5/11/78)

MConst M Carroll was the resident policeman in 1878. He may have had an offsider? (RC12988) see also(RC873)

' There was no plan to open the police station ' (RCApp1)

Kerr ran the public-house at Hedi. (RC12981)

The name of the settlement of Edi was later changed to Hedi.

What was the weather like (OMA13/2/1879)

Christian Asquith, was a stockman on Hedi, after he married Hannah Murtagh, in 1861 at Benalla.

Postal route from Moyhu to Hedi once a week

And from Bobinawarrah once a week 1876

Links to the KellyGang

The plan was for Sgt Kennedy's party to meet up with the other police parties at Hedi. (RC14399)

After the Murders, on 29/10/1878 Sgt Steele took a search party of police, including Const Faulkiner and Fitzpatrick, after the KellyGang from Wangaratta, to Whorouly; and up to left-hand branch of the King River . They called at Hedi. (RC12980)

KellyGang cited near Hedi in the Black range (Argus17/12/78)

SConst Kelly sent Ass Com Nicolson a letter that had in some way or other fallen into his hands. It revealed, a plan on the part of some persons on the River Murray to help the KellyGang to escape into New South Wales. (RC482)

Richard and William Strickland and John Quinn were arrested at Hedi as sympathisers under the Outlawry Act. (Argus7/1/79)(Alexandra11/1/1879).

On 10/5/1879 SConst Kelly took charge of the Hedi police station. (RC8005)

Graves believed that the principal time that the KellyGang were out they kept in the immediate neighborhood between Greta and Moyhu. Either at Glenmore Station, or on the Hedi Station. There were always strange horses whenever he went up, or marks of strange horse in paddocks. It was his impression that they were in the district the whole time. (RC15507)

James Wallace had a conversation with Jack Barry, of Hedi about the KellyGang. 'I am sure he knows something about them, but I think it is indirectly through Ned Burke.

Barry said that if he was Byrne, he would ride into Beechworth and shoot Ward at the first opportunity. I asked him why? He replied that Ward had seduced Kate. (RC14669)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Hedi

Hedi was called the head of the King River.

What happened at Hedi after the time of the Kelly Gang

See (Argus13/9/83)

What is happening at Hedi today