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The Herald continued with its reports of the KellyGang and Glenrowan.

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BENALLA, This day.

The statement made that Ned Kelly shot Cherry in the hotel, because he would not to lift up the window blinds, is contradicted by a large majority of those who were in the building during the counter. They state that after Ned Kelly went out side the first time, he never came back again. Cherry was inside and alive when Ned went out. The boy Reardon, who was accidentally shot, is in a bad way at the Wangaratta Hospital . He is suffering in great pain, and as the bullet has not been extracted, his recovery is a matter of a long time - if indeed he recovers at all. It entered his shoulder glanced off the collar bone, and lodged in his body in the region of the lungs. He is thirteen years of age. He is very cheerful, but in a low state.

Speaking on the subject of the shooting of Cherry, he contradicts the statement that Ned Kelly shot him. He says, “I ran out of the hut when I saw mother outside. The police were firing at the house all around. When I got a little way off I heard my little brother crying and calling on me not to leave him because he could not run fast enough. I then went back to the hotel and picked him up in my arms. I ran down the paddock with him. Just then some one shouted, ‘There he is. Look out, here comes a man with a gun.’ A heavy volley was poured into the hut by the police, and I felt I was shot in the shoulder. I could not carry my little brother any more and so I put him down and went back to the hotel.

Inside the women were screaming and rushing about from one room to another. The outlaws where followed about by them. Ned Kelly was not in the hut at that time and Cherry was alive. I was pushed against the wall and bruised. No one would pay any attention to my cries for help or give me a drink.”


Benalla of this day

The North Eastern Ensign today questions Superintendent Hare’s courage and judgment in the part he took in the affray. It also ridicules the members of the metropolitan press. It states that latter desired to appear as heroes; and as to the former, there are other man deserving of the more praise. This article has caused some indignation especially amongst the police with whom Superintendent Hare was a great favourite, and who state that his courage was unquestionable, and that it is mainly owing to his abolition of the red tape system that so satisfactory an outcome was arrived at.


Benalla of this day

There are grave suspicions entertained regarding several residents in Glenrowan but it is not likely any action will be taken in the master unless some decided movement is made. The police think it advisable to let the excitement subside and in consequence avoid visiting Greta or its immediate neighbourhood. Glenrowan of being the nearest spot, and that is a five miles away. The excitement over the whole affair has not subsided here and there are numberless and warm altercations going on over the subject every day. Last night of there were two fights between persons entertaining opposite views on the matter, and that the night before when it was raining, there were seven. Three took place in the main street, and one of them came off in a paddock near the telegraph office, lasted three hours.


Glenrowan of this day

People on horseback continued to come and go at intervals at Glenrowan, evidently being curious as to what course the police intend to take. Many of those who took an active part in the demonstrations at Greta when the wake was held have cooled down now, and are fearful of being apprehended by the police. There are anxious people making earnest inquiries daily as to what arrests are to be made, and conveying the news into the country. It is not thought that any disturbance will take place for some time to come, although there are some property holders in and around Greta whose houses and haystacks would certainly not be the safest investment for an insurance company to take up.


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