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 No pen can give an adequate idea of the intense excitement that prevailed on the railway line between here and Benalla at the various stations. At all of these through the night numbers of people congregated, and the details of news brought through by a goods train, although very stale to Melbourne readers, was snapped up and passed from mouth to mouth with rapid eagerness. Of course the possible appearance of Kelly himself at any of the roadside stopping places, even wounded almost into death, and in durance, warmed the spirits of men, whose inquisitive ardor was not to be damped even by the keen frost of a midwinter night.


 When Byrne's body was secured by the police it was quite cold and stiff, showing that the villain had been dead for some time. It was quite evident that it was fully determined never to be taken alive, as on his remains was found a parcel labelled “poison.” On one of his right-hand fingers was found a topaz ring worn by Trooper Scanlon at the time he was shot by the gang. On a left-hand finger was a gold ring with a large white seal in it.


It is now generally believed that Dan Kelly and Hart were both dead before the hotel was set fire to. This impression is strengthened by the statement of the priest, who ???? and amidst loud cheers rushed into the blazing house. He states that when he picked up the dead body nearest to him, which proved to be that of Byrne, he saw the bodies of other two lying together further away in the room. Several efforts were made by the police and others to get into the flaming building to see if any of the villains were still alive. The heat and smoke, however, drove them back. After the fire Cherry, the platelayer, was found in a dying condition in the detached kitchen, and the unfortunate men died soon after he was brought out of the place. The charred remains of Dan Kelly and Hart and those of a dog were discovered in the ruins of the hotel. The bodies of the three men were at once taken to the railway station.


While the public attention is attracted towards the movements of Ned Kelly, few persons give a thought to the person who is most intimately connected with his present terrible position. His mother is now an inmate of the Melbourne Gaol, and up to the present has had no intimation of the fate that has overtaken her two sons. She is engaged in the laundry of the establishment, and has the reputation of being the best behaved and most cheerful of the prisoners detained there.


 A telegram to the Chief Secretary announces that Superintendent Hare will be in town this afternoon. He is progressing very favourably, but is weak from loss of blood and excitement. Kelly will positively arrive today, but the hour of his arrival is kept secret. There is no other news sent, as the whole party will be in Melbourne tonight.


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