Hobson's Bay

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Melbourne is on Hobson's Bay at the top of Port Phillip Bay

Importance of Hobson's Bay

Hobsons Bay was the main port for Melbourne.

What was Hobson's Bay like in the late 1870s

Ships from all over the world were anchored in Hobsons Bay and their cargoes were unloaded at port Williamstown or along the Yarra River. All the ships were powered by sail with a few modern paddle steamers. Photograph


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Because the Goals were crowded some prisoners were kept on hulks in Hobson's Bay rather than in the Old Melbourne Goal or Pentridge. Sometimes they would be taken from the hulks to Point Gelibrand to work. The hulks had come to Melbourne in the 1850s and 1860s and brought gold miners. They were then abandoned and left to rot. The government took them over to store prisoners. Their rigging had been allowed to rot so they could not go any where.

What happened at Hobson's Bay after the time of the Kelly Gang

These days Hobsons Bay is generally too shallow for most vessels so they stay to the main shipping channels

What is happening at the area of Hobson's Bay today - linked to the Kelly Country and Ned Kelly's story

see the Melbourne maritine museum [1]