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Ned Kelly led the KellyGang of bushrangers into the pages of Australian history through a series of spectacular events that ended after a 2 year chase by the police with the siege at Glenrowan. The main members of the KellyGang were Ned Kelly, Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. Please also visit the Mansfield Murders, the Euroa and Jerilderie robberies, death of Aaron Sherritt and Glenrowan siege.

This site will let you meet all the people, see all places, relive all the events, and find out about all the things that make the KellyGang special. But please note that we have a long way to go to complete this site. We have tried to tell this story through the voices of the people who make up the story. We have used this 'colour to identify the KellyGang and its supporters ' and this colour to identify the police and those who supported authority. Both sides are important to this story. If we have wrongly identified anyone we would be happy to change. This yellow background is used in all other cases. KellyGang and Friends Incorporated is a not for profit organisation that is committed to letting the KellyGang ride free through the people, places, events and things that make their story exciting.