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on the River Murray


See also Howlong Station and Oolong.

Importance of Howlong

Howlong was a port on the River Murray.

Wheat was stockpiled at Howlong (Argus22/8/68)

What was Howlong like in the late 1870s

The river was a busy highway

see also (T&C26/3/1870) Photograph

Map Population

Facilities in Howlong in the late 1870s

Hotels? Mill Hotel, John Costello

St Bridgits

Schools? Coaches

Royal Mail Coaches left Howlong regularly for many locations in the area including Chiltern , Bank Other things of interest Postal route from Chiltern to Howlong via Browns Plains

David Reid's Moorwatha wineary (T&C19/3/1870)

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Howlong was a centre for cattle stealing across the Murray from Victoria and New South Wales. (BWC)

In about October 1877 William Cooke was arrested for stealing Whitty's horses at Howlong with Gustav and William Baumgarten and Thomas Studders and Samuel Kennedy This was about the end of Ned Kelly as a horse and cattle thief. (RC8813)

Wahgunyah, Howlong and Wodonga were 3 natural crossing places on the River Murray that the KellyGang could use to get mobs of cattle and horses over the river.(RC1041)

The KellyGang intended to rob the bank in Howlong after the Mansfield Murders in late October 1878 but the could not cross the River Murray because of the rain

Where the KellyGang near Howlong. (Argus20/12/78)

A letter was posted Bungowannah in early December 1878 about the KellyGang crossing the Murray near Howlong. See text of the letter. (RC1972)

After the Jerilderie robbery was the bank going to be robbed? (Kilmore12/2/1879)(Argus18/2/79)

On 24/2/1879 the telegraph wires were cut in all 4 directions to isolate the town. Const Faulkiner was part of the police party. Was this done by the KellyGang sympathizers?

What happened at Howlong after the time of the Kelly Gang

We are trying to trace Elizabeth Foley born in Howlong approx 1897 to 1900. Her parents were Thomas Foley and Matilda Biggen. If you have have any information please contact

Members of the Howlong community

Famous Howlong families include the Armstrong's, Gason's, Gilson's Cumming, Howard's and the Kennedy's

What is happening at Howlong today