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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Insp William Montfort

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Early Years I went up to North Eastern Victoria in 1858

In 1867 I was promoted Sergeant and left North Eastern Victoria after being the superintendent's clerk, at Benalla and Wangaratta. During this time I got to know the Kellys and their friends. (RC3172)

Between 1870 and 1872 I was the clerk to the Inspector in charge of police at Wangaratta and was involved in the arrest of the bush ranger Harry Power with Sup Hare and Mr Nicolson. (See Sup Hare's description of what went on at Harry Power) see also (RC3314) (RC3377) (RC3492) (RC15906) (RC16278)

I had a run in with Const Montgomery at Greta. His horse was too fat

I was stationed at Wangaratta while Hall was stationed at Greta.

I dont know why the outbreak occured. I have heard the number and the strength of the police at the stations was reduced, and the number of stations was reduced, and that pressure thereby was taken off the criminal classes. (RC3181)

I left the Kelly Country in March 1872 (RC3259)

Photograph Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880


On Ned Kelly's arrival at North Melbourne station, on 29/6/80 I was in charge. He was placed on a stretcher, and lifted into a waggonette. His removal was to some extent impeded by the crowd which pressed round the van, and was with difficulty kept back. We took him to the Melbourne Gaol (Argus30/6/80)

I took charge of things at Glenrowan a few days after the siege. (MDTel3/7/1880) (Herald5/7/1880)

I did not support the appointment of Insp O'Connor to take charge of the trackers in the Victoria police (RC11030)

I am given to understand that Mr. O'Connor's appointment has been proposed, or is about to be made by the Ministerial head of the department, on the recommendation of the permanent head of the department, and it is directly placing me as a subordinate in the position that I am criticising their acts, which I am very much averse to doing. I have no objection to give my opinion; I cannot help holding an opinion. For Mr. O'Connor, I need not tell you for a moment, I have a very great respect; but if you ask my opinion personally as regards whether I consider it would be absolutely indispensable in the present state of affairs to ignore the usage of the service, and incur the dangers arising from setting the police force in a state of ferment over it, I say I do not think the necessity is as great as would warrant the Government in doing anything of the sort, and that is what I mean. I have no personal objection at all to Mr. O'Connor's appointment, not the slightest; but if I am asked my opinion as to the effect on the morale of the force, I consider it will be very deleterious. I do not say the force have a right to have that feeling, but I know as a matter of fact it would have that effect. (RC11058)


I had to deal with the demonstrators before Ned Kelly's execution (Argus10/11/80)

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission. 3/5/1880 (RC3186), 4/5/1880 (RC3490), and 9/6/1880 (RC10989)

I was recalled and continued my evidence on 6/9/1881.

See the press reports of my evidence (Argus4/5/81) (Argus5/5/81) (Argus10/6/81)

I think it is a very unfortunate thing that the article appeared in the Age on 4/5/1881. I thought so when I read it this morning. (RC3561)

I was present at the inquiry to review the Royal Commission's finding on Sgt Steele. (Argus28/3/82)

Early Service My father was a policeman in Ireland (RC3292)

I arrived in the Kelly Country in 1858 and left in 1867. I was the superintendent's clerk at Benalla and later at Wangaratta.(RC3170)(RC3237)

It took me eighteen years to be appointed as an Inspector, and then I was promoted by a fluke. (RC11060)

At 40 I was the youngest Inspector (RC3297)

I am the same age as Sup Hare (RC11063)

See the details of my career. (RCApp6)

Later Service I got involved in plans for a new police satation in the area between the King and Ovens Rivers. (RC App1)

In 1881 I got involved in prosecuting John McElroy in dispute between him and a member of the Quinn family. Cross claim actions like this were common. (RC App1)

I thought that we could do a better job of controlling the population through our management of selections.

I took over command of the police in North Eastern Victoria from Sup Sadleir. (RC App1) (Argus26/5/81)


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