Jeremiah McCormack

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Jeremiah McCormack,

a hawker

Importance of Jeremiah McCormack

A key supporter of the KellyGang' at the Euroa robbery. A hawker who went around with a horse and cart selling all sorts of goods to the settlers. '


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Links to the KellyGang

Run in with McCormack and Ned Kelly Welcome, it is nice to be back with you after all these years. Ned Kelly got involved in a dispute between two hawkers, Ben Gould and I. This started with Ned Kelly delivering an insulting note wrapped around a pair of calf's testicles to me and finished up with a brawl in Greta. I complained to the newly arrived local policeman, Senior Constable Hall. As a result Ned Kelly was sentenced in October 1870 in the court in Wangaratta to 3 months gaol for offensive behaviour and fined 10 pounds for assault. Because Ned Kelly could not pay the fine he spent 6 months in Beechworth prison. Ned Kelly gave his version of what happened well in his Jerilderie letter, but as far as I am concerned the problem with the court is that they did not identify him as a real criminal. If they had done that a lot of people would still be alive. See also (Argus14/11/70)

Read what Ned Kelly had to say about this incident in the Cameron Letter

'I was accused of taking a hawker by the name of McCormack's horse to pull another hawker named Ben Could out of a bog. Mr Could got up in the morning to feed his horses, seen Mr McCormack's horse, and knew he had strayed and sent his man with him about two miles to where McCormack was camped in Greta. Mr and Mrs McCormack came out and seen the waggons bogged and accused him of using the horse. I told Could that was for his good nature. Mrs McCormack turned on me and accused me for catching the horse for Could, as Could knew that he was wicked and could not catch him himself'. Me and my uncle was cutting and branding calves and Ben Could wrapped up a pair of testicles, wrote a note and gave it to me to give to Mrs McCormack. McCormack said he would fight me I was then I4 years of age, I was getting off my horse and Mrs McCormack hit the horse, he jumped forward and my fist came in collision with Mr McCormack's nose who swore he was standing I0 yards away from another man and the one hit knocked the two men down. However ridiculous the evidence may seem, I received three months or £I0, for hitting him and 3 months for delivering the parcel and bound to the peace for I2 months'

See also the Jerilderie Letter.

Did Jim Kelly have a run in with Mrs McCormack. (BWC) See also [[[The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (3)|JJK]])

Later . What happened to Jeremiah McCormack's family