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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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Importance of Mrs Mary Delaney and her children

A sympathizer who helped the KellyGang

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Children Daniel b1856-1929, Catherine 1857-1940, Francis 1860-1928, Mary Anne 1862-1948, James 1863-1958, William 1865-1930, Margaret 1865-1954, Bridget 1868-1952, Ellen 1869-1940, John 1870-1946, Martin 1872-1941, Martin 1872 -1941, Agnes 1874 -1875. . .

' husband ' John

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Photograph Escape north Ass Nicolson led a search party after the KellyGang past our place soon after the deaths of the police at Stringy Bark Creek (RC676)

Information was given to Mr Laing by one of his employees that the KellyGang had been seen by my boys near the One Mile Bridge on 3/11/1878. We lived near the Wangaratta railway station. The story given by the platelayer was that that morning, at four o'clock, the KellyGang, instead of going through the railway gate, had swam the One-mile Creek, and crossed by the back of the hospital, behind our house; and that we recognized the KellyGang and that they were armed. (RC13960)

My son John told the police that I called him up at 4 am on 3/11/1878 to see if his horse was being taken away. He looked out and saw four mounted men with hobbles, one saddler driving several horses at a rapid pace through One-mile Creek, towards Peechelba road. They may have gone to Warby ranges"(RC17310) see also(RC17307)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 Prior to his death in 1879, my husband  John had worked at the sawmill owned by Mr Dorkendorff in Wangaratta Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 Was my young John at the siege, perhaps wuth his elder brother Daniel. (Herald29/6/80)

Life before the KellyGang Mr and Mrs Delaney came to Wangaratta in 1859 Later life In 1887 Mrs Delaney took up land at Boweya where with the help of members of her family she carried on farming successfully for twenty-seven years.

What happened to the Delaney's family

At the time of Mrs Delaney's death the family consisted of Daniel (Beckom, NSW), William (Queensland), John (Boorhaman), Martin and Frank (Wangaratta), James (Tatura), Mrs R (Margaret) Fitzgerald (Boorhaman), Mrs Martin Bergin (Barnawartha), Mrs P Murphy (Wangaratta), Mrs Michael Bergin (Thoona) and Mrs T O’Brien (Shepparton). There were 63 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren.