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I was Ned Kelly's younger half brother. John's father was George King. He was brought up by Maggie and Kate while his mother was in goal

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father George King mother Ellen Quinn half brothers and sisters Mary Jane, Anne 11/53, Edward (Ned) 12/54, Margaret (Maggie) 55?, James 59, Daniel (Dan) 61, Catherine (Kate) 63, Grace 8/65, Ellen 74, John 75 and sister Alice 78

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Fitzpatrick Incident 15/4/1878 I don't really remember my father George King. I was born in March 1875

I was about 3 years old at the time. I was at home at the time when Fitzpatrick came. Later when I when my mother was in Gaol I was looked after by my elder half sisters Maggie and Kate other members of the family until my mother was finally released from gaol

Photograph Later years I ended up as a copper in Western Australia. See my brother Jim's version (BWC)