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Importance of John O'Brien

John was a smypathizer and one of the Greta Mob Links to the KellyGang below, Early Years , First run in with the law, Fitzpatrick Incident , Mansfield Murders , Sebastopol Cavalcade , Euroa Robbery , Jerilderie Robbery , First Cave Party , Hare replaced by Nicolson , Second Cave Party , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , After the Siege, Royal Commission , Early service , Later service , Family ,

Links to the KellyGang

Early years A horse was killed in the stable of the family pub by John Lloyd on 22/12/1872 (Ensign17/1/1873)

My father, Laurence O'Brien was the publican in Greta. When he died in 1874 my mother Bridget continued to run the pub with the help of of her brother in law Daniel Kennedy.

She got a number of government contracts to provide food to officials.

Photograph First run ins with the law In 1877 I was one of the lads around town, one of the Greta Mob and in September of that year I was arrested by Sgt Steele with Steve and Richard Hart of Wangaratta for illegally using and stealing horses. I was sentenced to 8 months hard labour in goal

After the Glenrowan Siege We were proud to supply the grog for Steve Hart and Dan Kelly's funeral at Maggie's place (Herald30/6/80)


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