Julian's shanty

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Down steam from the Woolshed on left bank of Reid's Creek. Near the bridge on the way between Aaron's & Mrs Byrne's (RC13903)


Julians started in the early days of the Woolshed gold fields in the 1860s

Importance of Julian's Shanty

Julians was a very popular watering hole for the miners and others on the Woolshed

What was Julian's Shanty like in the late 1870s



Links to the KellyGang

On night of 13/11/1879 Ass Com Nicolson sent Jack Sherritt off to Juliens to play the drunk, create a row and have it talked about, so as to account to KellyGang for his absence in Beechworth seeing the police after his meeting with Dan Kelly. (RC15751) (RC15266) (RC15588 )

What happened at Julian's Shanty after the time of the Kelly Gang

Julians had stopped trading by about 1900

What is happening at the area of Julian's Shanty today

The Reid's Creek area has returned to being a rural area with the occasional tourist looking over the old gold fields