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One of the original squatting runs in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns

History at Katandra before the KellyGang

Katandra was cut off from Tallygaroopna in 1848 and purchased by Charles Ryan .

Other owners of the Katandra run included Hugh Glass 1857, G W Horne and Peter Snodgrass 1856, (Charles Ryan and Peter Snodgrass were related) A Page 1862, EC Dunn 1864.

In 1876 the license was owned by John Murray, 48,180 acres, £221 license fee half year

The license for the Katandra run was cancelled in 1880.

Where did the name Katandra come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

Alfred Balding, Edward Bowen, Duncan Boyd, Hugh Boyd, Peter Castles, Daniel Doney, Frederick Arthur Ford, Thomas John Ford , Hugh Gillies, William Hall, William Henry Hall, Henry Hewitt, John Ingliss, George Henry Johns, John Johns, Samuel Johns, George Johns, M G Kennedy, Thomas Grey Knuckey, J Langdon, Alexander McDougall, Catherine McDougall, James McDougall, John McDougall, Mary McKinnon, Neil McKinnon, Allan McLean, James Prentice, William Prentice, Richard Ellis Prideaux, Mark Salter,Robert Saunders, (See [1])



Original neighbouring properties

Pine Lodge
Yabba Yabba

What was Katandra like in the late 1870's

The area is very flat. The property had a substantial brick house.

There was a fine garden on a tributary of the Broken River

' The house hole had a cook, maid and governess for the children

Marungi school was opened in 1878

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Rivers Creeks and Hills near Katandra

Near the southern side of the Murray River north west of Wangaratta

What happened at Katandra after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Katandra today


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See the towns of Katandra, Marionvale, Marungi, Invergordon and Katandra West.

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