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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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The Kelly family arrived from Ireland in the early days of the colony of Victoria. That family has many branches and it covers many people who supported the KellyGang. See a history of the family (Herald4/7/1880) (alexandra2/11/1878)

The Byrne family came to Victoria from New South Wales

The Hart family live new Wangaratta

The KellyGang family included

Byrne family

Catherine (Kate) Byrne

Joe Byrne

John Byrne

Margaret [Byrne] White Mrs

Patrick Byrne (Snr)

Partick(Paddy) Byrne


Hart family

Esther (Ettie) Hart

Richard Hart Snr

Richard Hart Jnr

Steve Hart


Kelly family

Eman Gunn

Alice Kelly (King)

Anne Kelly '

Anne Kelly


Dan Kelly

Daniel Kelly

Edward Kelly

Ellen [Kelly][King], Quinn Mrs

Ellen Kelly [Frost]

Ellen Kelly [King]

Grace Kelly

James Kelly (sen)

James Kelly

John Kelly

John Kelly (Red)

Margaret (Maggie) Kelly [Skillion]

Mary Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly

Michael (Black) Kelly

Ned Kelly

Bill Frost


George King

Ellen King


Catherine [Lloyd] Quinn (sen)

Jack Lloyd (jun)

Jack Lloyd (sen)

Tom Lloyd (jun)

Tom Lloyd (sen)

Anne Ryan Mrs

Elizabeth Ryan

Helen [Ryan] Quinn Mrs

Jack Ryan

James Ryan

Joe Ryan

John Ryan

Johanna (Nora) Ryan

Joseph Ryan

Julia Agnes Ryan

Mary Anne Ryan

Thomas Ryan

Tim Ryan

Grace Quinn

Jack Quinn

James Quinn (sen)

Jimmy Quinn


Patrick Quinn

William Quinn

Ellen Skillion



William Skillion

The Magistrate Foster considered that the Kelly family were part of the criminal class (RC13341)

See also (Argus11/11/78)

Police met up members of the family (Argus14/12/78)

The family gathered at Mrs Skillion's place after the Glenrowan siege. See see also Richard Hart for details of the funeral.

The Royal Commission had the following to say about the persecution of the family. Not really an apology:

"It may also be mentioned that the charge of persecution of the Kelly family by the members of the police force has been frequently urged in extenuation of the crimes of the outlaws; but, after careful examination, your Commissioners have arrived at the conclusion that the police, in their dealings with the Kellys and their relations, were simply desirous of discharging their duty conscientiously; and that no evidence has been adduced to support the allegation that either the outlaws or their friends were subjected to persecution or unnecessary annoyance at the bands of the police."(RC2nd reportIII) See also (RC2ndReportI) Which has a good summary history of the family.