Kiewa River

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The Kiewa River flows from the south to north to the Murray River,

The Country around Kiewa River

Head waters

=== Rocky Valley ===

Down Stream

What was Kiewa River like in the late 1870's


Map The area of the Kiewa River was one of the first area to be selected in the late 1830s. Most of the squatters came from the Manero in New South Wales. The properties in the area produced cattle and sheep for the Beechworth and other mining towns

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The KellyGang knew the Kiewa valley resonably well

Properties and Towns along the way

Albury [[../plM/mullindinSR2.html|../plM/mullindinSR2.html]]





Mount Beauty

What happened in the area of Kiewa River after the time of the Kelly Gang

How has the Kiewa River area changed

What is happening on the Kiewa River today