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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns




History at Kilfera before the KellyGang

One of the first owners were H & Patrick Stephenson, (44,330 acres ) later Charles Ryan Snr (father of the Doctor)

Owner at one time by Francis Lavender and Ben Chaffey

In 1872 the lease was held by Robert MacBean. He had problems with selectors (Ensign1/10/1872) (Ensign11/10/1872)George Finlay laborer (Ensign9/3/1875)

In 1876 the license was owned by William and Frederick Fanning and Thomas J Nankerville , ? acres, £241/18 license fee half year

Where did the name Kilfera (Kilfeera) come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

The Kelly home was on a selection which had been part of the Kilfera squatting Run on the Fifteen Mile Creek

William Gunn (Robert Ackers), Neil M'Millian, Napier (Ensign9/3/1875)



Original neighbouring properties

Fern Hills
Fifteen Mile Creek]]

What was Kilfera like in the late 1870's

M'Bean had sucess breding sheep here (Ensign19/9/1873)

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In March 1870 Harry Power stuck up and robbed Robert McBean on Kilfera station

Sup Hare met Ass Com Nicolson at Kilfera to start to capture Harry Power. They left Kilfera on 2/6/1870. (RC3394)

Mrs Kellys selection was on part of Kilfera run

A party of police were put on the boundary between Tatong and Kilfera in January 1879 after the [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]] had been cited at Greta. They were to watch at night.

Sup Sadleir went out with this small party of police, and traversed the whole country from Kilfera to Kane's old stockyard, in Ryan's Creek, with that object in view and cutting tracks, and that search was kept up from time to time. (RC2030)


Jacob Wilson and Tom Loyd Jnr lived near Lurg on the site of the Kilfera run (RC2116)

Patrick Cox was the teacher at the Lurg school

Some of the kellyGang;s gun powder found at Lurg (Argus23/6/1906)

Jacob Wilson went to the Kilfera station early in the morning after sheep. He was fencing, for the station, and Ned Kelly crossed the road and bid good morning; he was riding a bay horse (RC4437)

Jacob Wilson's place was along side Pattersons paddock, part of Kilfera. In March 1880 he found five pairs of hobbles there in some ferns.(RC4467)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Kilfera

What happened at Kilfera after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Kilfera today