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south of Seymour

not far from Wallan


The area was first settled in 1837 and the town started in 1841.

Was it on the route of the railway line (Argus22/8/68) (Argus20/11/73)

Importance of Kilmore

The second days stop from Melbourne on the journey to Beechworth and the gold fields in North Eastern Victoria.

What was Kilmore like in the late 1870s


Map Most of the towns major buildings were built in the 1850s. There were also grain mills, hospitals, breweries and a library

Life of Selectors in the area (Argus21/6/80)


Facilities in Kilmore in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Royal Oak Hotel (Murray) Churches Christ Church Kilmore, Anglican


Presbytarian St Georges

St Patricks, Catholic 1854, convent opened 1877 Schools public

catholic Kilmore Shire Council Main Streets Local Government Telegraph Office

Post Office

PK Tucker Police Station Other things of interest Baber stationed at Kilmore (RC173)(Argus17/12/78)

Newspaper, Kilmore Free Press (1870-)

Doctor Edward Brock

Kilmore Hospital

Licensing Magistrate

John McBurney

John McCarthy


Mr T De Courcy Mead (Argus13/8/80)

Kilmore had an active temperance league (Star of Kilmore Lodge No 35), coursing club, and cricket team, Ladies' Benevolent Society,

Kilmore Shire Turf

Kilmore Amateur Dramatic Club (Kilmore25/7/1878)

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Red Kelly, Ned Kelly's father and his wife Ellen took their first daughter Mary Jane to the Catholic Church in Kilmore to be baptised soon after she was born in February 1851. ? was the priest.

Red was gold mining near Kilmore in about 1853

Many of the members of the KellyGang family passed through the Kilmore court

2/12/1856 Jimmy Quinn (15), Ellen Kelly's brother was charged in Kilmore with possession of stolen cattle; discharged, see (RCApp10)

On 21/03/ 1862 Jack Lloyd Snr was charged with drunk and disorderly but discharged by the court

On 29/03/1862 Jimmy Quinn was charged with violent assault but discharged

On 12/05/1862 James Kelly Snr was charged with cattle stealing -but discharged by the Kilmore court

On 21/10/1862 he was back in the Kilmore court charged with cattle stealing again- with the same result, he was discharged

On 22/4/1864 James Kelly was again back in the Kilmore court and this time he was convicted for cattle stealing and sentenced to 4 years

Was a horse stealer from Kilmore an extra member of the KellyGang.(RC12170)

Famous members of the Kilmore community

George Sugden helped establish Kilmore station in 1848

What happened at Kilmore after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Kilmore today

The highway has by passed Kilmore and this has let the town become a great place to visit see also [1]