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what was the country like (Argus12/10/66)

The Country around King River

Head waters

Hedi was said to be at the head waters of the King.

Black Range Creek

Down Stream

The aboriginal community called the junction of the Ovens and King Rivers 'Korumbeia'.



Links to the KellyGang

Ned Kelly went up the King River early in 1877 and spent some time with his uncles, the Quinns. See the Cameron letter

Bricky Williamson mentioned in his report that the KellyGang used to go near Peacock's paddock on the King River.

On the 15/10/1878, Det Ward wrote to the officer in charge of detectives, suggesting to him that two bodies of police should be sent out to search the Fifteen-mile Creek, the right-hand branch of the King, and thence on to Mansfield. (RC3118).Then on about 21/10/1878 Det Ward went off into the upper King country. (RC3126)

As part of the police response to the Stringy Bark Creek Murders on 26/10/1878 Const Faulkiner and a search party were sent from Wangaratta to search for the KellyGang in the area of the King River and then on through to Mansfield. SConst James led a similar search party from Mansfield to the right-hand branch of the the King River. (RC676)

Soon after the murder of the police at Stringy Bark Creek some people thought that Charles Brown from the King River might be one of the 4 members of the KellyGang His name was mentioned in wanted posters. (CHC) (JJK)

Insp Brook Smith a search party that travelled between Merriang, across the Buffalo, over Black Hill, and down through the King River. They were at King on 29/10/1878. (RC17372) Must be wrong (RC17374) (Argus5/11/78)

Det Ward went to the Upper King 2nd week in Nov 1878 (RC13840)

On 24/11/1878 Det Ward was back and met an informant from the Black Range on the Upper King. (RC13840)

Insp O'Connor with trackers went with a search party up the King River, and on the fifth day out, the 21/4/1879, arrived at De Gamaro station. - informed the police of his having found on the run, near the Black range, a horse, answering the description of one of the horses ridden away from Jerilderie by one of the KellyGang. (RC1085) (RC11898) (RC12009) (JJK)

Later the KellyGang had camp sites in the area of the King River that they used from time to time (RC2ndReportX)

What was King River like in the late 1870's

See (Argus13/9/83)

Properties and Towns along the way

De Gamera Station

How has the King River area changed

What happened in the area of King River after the time of the Kelly Gang

Ah You's hop garden (Argus13/9/83)

What is happening down the King River today