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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Const Thomas Kirkham (2986)

A mounted trooper stationed at Benalla

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Links to the KellyGang

Early Years I joined the force in October 1878

I came up to North eastern Victoria in October 1878 to hunt the KellyGang.I had recently joined the police(RC6354)(RC6978)

Photograph Autum 1879 Hare looked upon me as a person who could use a Martini Henry rifle. I was out with him for a short time (two or three months) in search parties hunting after the KellyGang. (RC1415) Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 I did not do much shooting practice with Ass Com Nicolson. See my scores.(RC1014) Nicolson replaced by Hare 2/6/1880 Two trackers and I were sent out to assist the police watching Mrs Byrne's place shortly before Aaron Sherritt was murdered. (RC4733) Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880


I started to get ready to catch the special train in Benalla at about 3pm (RC8030)

Special train leaves Benalla to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt

We left the Benalla railway station at about 1am (RC6625)

Arrive at Glenrowan

I arrived at Glenrowan by train at about 2.30 am on the morning of the siege with Sup Hare

When the train got within a little distance of Glenrowan somebody came and told us the Kellys were there waiting for us. (RC6628)

Begining of the siege

I saw Mr. Hare running up towards the house, and Mr. O'Connor started shortly after him, they had not gone far when Mr. Hare got in advance and got across the fence, and I followed up and got across the fence too, and then the firing commenced.

After the first volley I saw Mr. Hare shot then, and sitting on a log, and I went further round to the left.(RC6633)

Soon after I went round and took up a position by a tree, and I saw Phillips and Gascoigne, at the Benalla end. I had a Martini-Henry rifle. (RC6640)(See also RC7774.7367)

No one gave me instructions after I took up my position except when he left, Mr. Hare said, "For God's sake do not let them get away"; that was all the orders I received from anybody.

I told Const Phillips and Gascoigne that I was going to the railway station to try and get more ammunition. I had run out. I got down towards the station, and I met SConst Kelly and asked him what he had done, and he said he had sent to Benalla for more men; and I asked him if he had any more ammunition (I had used 20 rounds), and he said; "No, he had none to give me." At that time a woman came out of Mrs.Jones's, and some more women. Insp O'Connor challenged them. (RC6652)

At the railway station I checked up on Mrs O'Connor and the other lady for Insp O'Connor.

I also got a loaf of bread at the platform.and went back to Insp O'Connor. (RC6652).(RC1119)

I did not challenge McHugh and Mrs Jones's son. (RC11348)

Arrival of Sup Sadleir and police from Benalla

Soon after he arrived Sup. Sadleir sent me over to the railway station to get provisions for the men, and I sent them around. (RC6671) (RC6706)

Sup Sadleir gave orders to fire high. I think some of the men had learned before this that there were civilians in the house, and they were lying on the floor. (RC6685)

Capture of Ned Kelly

I was with Insp O'Connor in front of the Inn when Ned Kelly was captured. (RC6714)

Release of the civilians

I saw the covilians leave the Inn. . The people were all lying on their bellies for safety, and the men were being drafted. (RC6731)

I got some more ammunition about 11am, two packages, ten in each. (RC6671)

Burning of Jones's Inn



Kelly Reward Board Following the meetings of the Reward Board in December 1880 I recieved a reward of about £137

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 13/5/1881 (RC6622)

What did the press say about my evidence (Argus16/5/81)

Early Service Later Service In June 1881 Insp Montfort got me to write a report on the usefulness of native trackers. (RC10997)


parents George Kirkham and Mary Pegler wife Eliza McGregor children 6. home ?..

I was born in Sydney and married in Victoria in 1886


What happened to Const Kirkham's family KellyGang