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south of Glenrowan

The Country around Lake Rowan

What did the lake look like? 'dry swamp with low tussocks of grass and a few swamp trees with clear stems for 5 feet of their height.' (RC16899)

Selectors in the area (ensign13/10/1874)(Argus21/6/80)

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According to the letter Ned Kelly used Mr Swanhill Lake Rowan to try and sell some of his horses in 1877.

Kennedy led a search part from Wangaratta to Lake Rowan on 6/11/1878. (RC12361) (RC17283)

On about 7/11/1878. SConst Mullane was part of the party to Peechelba. They stated from Wangaratta. Part of the party then to Lake Rowan and Insp Brooke Smith's party to Yarrawonga. (RC13534)

See also the Jerilderie Letter

Wild Wright moved from Mansfield to Lake Rowan in about 1879 (RC2982)

Police recieved a report in late April 1880 that the KellyGang had been seen about lately in the Lake Rowan area by one or two persons who dared not tell. They also reported that gang were reduced to the last straits, and without means of carrying on longer. Movements circumscribed, and unable to find an unguarded bank to rob (RCApp5)



Properties and Towns in the area



Members of the Lake Rowan community

Joe Ryan lived in area

Mr Syme had a property in the area

Mr George Phillips had a property in the ara

Swannell operated a store (Ensign16/10/1874)

What happened in the area of Lake Rowan after the time of the Kelly Gang

There was a mail route from Benalla to Lake Rowan via Hill Plains

The Lake Rowan police sation was closed in 1884

What is happening at the area of Lake Rowan today