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Importance of David Lindsay

I called myself a farmer and storekeeper. Mary Anne (nee Green ) was my wife.

I had a place that was called 'Lindsay's Halfway House' and 'Lindsay's Public House, Winton' (RC12844).

Ned Kelly apparently accused me of being a police agent, probably because I assisted Const Fitzpatrick after he had been shot by Kelly (Argus22/5/78) Photograph


What was Lindsay's Shanty like in the late 1870s

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Constable Fitzpatrick dropped into my shanty on the way to arrest the Kellys on 15/4/1878. (see RC12844)

By about 10pm he was back at my place after being shot by Ned Kelly. I looked after Fizpatrick like any other customer and rebandaged his hand when he was wounded. I also helped him get home to Benalla. He was not drunk.

See another view [[[The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (11)|JJK]])

On about 9 October 1878 I gave evidence in Beechworth at the trial of Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson. I told the court what Fitzpatrick told me. Ned Kelly mentioned me in his Cameron Letter. See how he described me in the letter:

'..... is a Shanty Keeper having no licence and is liable to a heavy fine and keeps a book of information for the police and his character needs no comment for he is capable of rendering Fitzpatrick any assistance he required for a conviction as he could be broke any time Fitzpatrick chose to inform on him....'

What happened at Lindsay's Shanty after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happened to David Lindsay's family