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on main railway north from Melbourne


Old Longwood, the first settlement, is to the east of Longwood

Old Longwood was a junction point for the gold convoys from places like Gobur (Argus31/8/61)

There were a number of swamps in the area that were hard to cross (Argus22/1/76)

(New) Longwood began life as a railway stop on the line to Benalla and Wangaratta

Importance of Longwood


Map A coach ran from Mansfield to Longwood via Gobur, Kanumbra, Merton, Woodfield, Bonnie Doon, and Maindample. The White Hart Hotel was famous as the place where the coach met the railway

What was Longwood like in the late 1870s

The town was over shaddowed by Euroa and Nagambie as local centres.

Longwood or more properly new Longwood, as a town on the railway line, overshaddowed Old Longwood. Old Longwood had been established as a centre around a local property

In 1872 Longwood lost its status as a poling place in Victorian elections

The country around the area was selected (Argus12/10/66). Description of the town. (Argus8/10/66)

Facilities in Longwood in the late 1870s

Population Hotels The White Hart Hotel

Paddy's Hotel Schools Hawker Fred Becroft came from Longwood (Argus10/8/80) Other things of interest Pound keeper Dan McDonald

John Pearson Rowe was appointed a Magistate in 1876

Mail route from Longwood to Mansfield via Merton, Doon, and Maindample - Robertson Wagner & Co

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After the Euroa robbery Ass Com Nicolson got the police under SConst Johnson and Det Ward to search from the road between Mansfield and Longwood towards Strathbogie. (Argus14/12/78)(RC533)

Longwood was the southern boundary of the North Eastern police district (RC3299)

Where the KellyGang in the Blue Range between Cobur and Longwood before the Euroa robbery ? (Argus17/12/78)

Members of the Longwood community

Fred Beecroft's family lived at Longwood

What is happening at Longwood today

Many of the original buildings have either been burnt down by fires of neglected and the train no longer stops at Longwood. But there is more than enough to see to be able to imagine those days when Longwood was one of the coaching towns where people got off the train and caught the caoch to Mansfield and beyond 7-feb-12