Lord Byron's Shanty

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near Chiltern On Black Dog Creek


'Lordy Byron' was the name of a man who was married to Ellen Byron, nee Salisbury. This could have been the beginings of Lord Byrons.

Importance of Lord Byron's Shanty

What was Lord Byron's Shanty like in the late 1870s



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Martin Byron's impounded a horse at Chiltern on 13/2/1876 and in March of that year my house was burnt down

In about March 1879 Mrs Byrne went to see Arron Sherritt’s parents and accused him of spying for the police. She then charged Aaron with stealing a horse called Charlie which he had given to Joe Byrne's sister Kate a few years before. Aaron got off the charge. Mrs Ellen Byron gave evidence for Aaron Sherritt. (See RC14528 and RC12184)

On one occasion Arron Sherritt's mother said she received a letter from Mrs Byrne to go and see her, and Mrs. Byrne told her then that Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly called at the Black Dog Creek. Joe Byrne gave a letter to Mrs Byron to deliver it to Mrs Byrne. Mrs Byron, not being on good terms with Mrs. Byrne, she sent the letter by her husband to Mr Batchelor, who lives next door to Mrs Byrne. He delivered it to Mrs Byrne. Det Ward had enquiries made, and found that Mr Byron was at Batchelor's just about the time. (RC14190)

Mrs Byron's dealing with Mrs Byrne over the thieft of Charlie by Aaron Sherritt. (OMA29/7/79)

Read her evidence for the defence. She had worked at Sebastopol. (OMA29/7/79)

The KellyGang were seen drinking at Lord Byron's

On 17/5/1880 Det Ward received a report from Mrs. Sherritt? stating that the [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]] called about a week previous at Lord Byron's. They looked miserable and ragged, and in want of food. They took a lot of food from here with them. (RC13858)

What happened at Lord Byron's Shanty after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Lord Byron's shanty today