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Importance of Mr Edwin (Edward) Richard Lyving (Living)

Bank accountant at Jerilderie , Jerilderie robbery, Ned Kelly's trial ,

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Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 The KellyGang arrived at the Bank of New South Wales branch in Jerilderie on the afternoon of Monday 11/2/1879. When they arrived they surprised me. I thought that Mr Tarleton the bank manager had returned to the bank. The first of the KellyGang to enter the bank was Joe Byrne. He told me that they where the KellyGang and to bail up. Mr Mackie, the sub accountant was out in the street entered the bank after hearing voices and Joe Byrne ordered him to jump over the counter. Joe Byrne then ordered us to go with him to the Royal Hotel where we met Ned Kelly.(SMH12/2/1879) (JJK)

Later Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne returned to the bank with me. They were looking for Mr Tarleton. I eventually found him in his dressing room having a bath. I told him that we had been stuck up by the KellyGang and that the police were also stuck up.

My colleague Mr Mackin was also in the bank (CHC)

Ned Kelly then took me back to the bank and demanded that I hand over the money. I gave him the teller's cash amounting to 691 pounds. At this time Mr Elliott, the local school master came into the ban. Ned Kelly was certain that we had a lot more money in the bank in the safe. I handed over my key and while Joe Byrne wanted to smash open the safe Ned Kelly had Mr Tarleton brought over from the Royal Hotel with his second key. The KellyGang took 1450 pounds from the safe.

Ned Kelly then took down a large tin box that was full of papers and threatened to burn them. Mr Tarleton became very up set. Ned Kelly then stuffed the papers in his pocket and said that he intended burning all the papers in the office. The KellyGang then went back to the Royal hotel where Dan Kelly was looking after the prisoners. Later Ned Kelly went back to the bank and burnt most of our papers. There were many loan and mortgage documents amongst the material burnt. This was part of their efforts to protect small farmers from the bank.

At about this time Messers Rankin and Gill turned up at the bank attracted by the fire and open door. They both ran off and were later tracked down by the KellyGang. I went off with the KellyGang to Mr Gill's home. We met his wife. Ned Kelly wanted to hand over a document to be published. Ned Kelly said 'I have a statement here which contains a little part of my life, and I want it published by Mr Gill.' Mrs Gill declined to accept the document. I offered to have the document published but handed it over to the authorities instead. They did not think much of it.

Soon after the KellyGang left town Tarleton and I got on on our horses and left town to give the alarm. The KellyGang was not impressed and they took it out on Wunnamurra Station which was managed by Mr Mackie's brother.

See my statement (Argus12/2/79) and (OMA13/2/1879) See also (Argus12/2/79) (OMA13/2/1879) (FH) (JJK)

I stopped at the Lauriston Hotel to give his horse a breather. I left the Jerilderie Letter with Mr Hanlon for him to make a copy. That copy is now the property of the National Library, Canberra.

I reached Deniliquin about 9pm and gave them the news of the attack by the KellyGang.(BWC).

Later that night I left in a Cobb & Cos coach with Trooper O'Connell (afterwards a Silverton magnate) and Mr Dunne from the Telegraph office for Jerilderie. Mr Forrester, the manager of the Bank of New South Wales, had placed in the boot of the coach a box of money to replace that stolen by the KellyGang. (BWC)


Ned Kelly's Trial

I gave evidence to Ned Kelly's committal hearing in Beechworth on !!MISSING. (Herald10/8/1880) (Age11/8/1880) (Argus11/8/80)

See also my evidence of Ned Kellys speach at Jerildeie on !!MISSING at his trial in Melbourne. (Age 30/10) (Argus30/10/80) (JJK) Royal Commission I was not called to give evidence to the Royal Commission Early Service Later Service I was the bank manager at Wangaratta .

I died there in 1935 (Argus1/6/1936) .


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