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Importance of Mr W Macauley

Manager at Faithfull's Creek Station when the KellyGang arrived

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Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 I was the manager of the Faithfull Creek station when the KellyGang arrive on Monday 9/12. I had been visiting one of the outstations when they arrived. Riding home for dinner I noticed that things were quiet but took no notice until Mr Fitzgerald told me that I had better bailup because the KellyGang were there. He said 'The Kellys are here, you will have to bail up.'

I could not not believe it but at once Ned Kelly came out and told me to bail up. I replied 'What is the good of your sticking up the station? We have no better horses than those you have.' Ned Kelly replied 'We are not going to take anything, we only want some food, and rest for our horses and sleep for ourselves'

I dismounted from my horse and agreed to Mr Kelly's terms. Kelly allowed me to move about the place but I was always watched.

I must say I did not believe that I was dealing with the KellyGang until I saw Dan Kelly who I recognised from his ugly face on the photograph.

We were imprisoned by the KellyGang while they went off to Euroa to rob the bank. They arrived back about 9 pm on 11/12/78 and locked up all the other prisoners. They told me that I had to keep them locked up 3 hours or else. It was obvious that there were sympathizers amongst the prisoners.

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Photograph Early Career Later Career I was living at Nanneella, near Rochester in 1923. I gave an account as to what happened at Faithful's creek (Argus20/2/1923) .


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