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In the southern part of north eastern Victoria, on the way to Mount Buller


Before European settlement the area around Mansfield is thought to have been occupied by the Youngillim or Wuywurrung Aborigines.

The name comes from the town of Mansfield, near Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire or after early European settler Edward Mansfield .

The town of Mansfield was started 1846 as a designated stock route camp. In 1851 it was a centre for a large area of mining towns in the mountains.The breadth of the main street was to enable bullock teams to do U-turns.

The first town blocks were sold in 1856

The town was formed on the corner of the Maindample, Preston, Loyola, and Mt Battery squatting runs.



Importance of Mansfield

The town was a centre for gold mining and timber getters.

People went to the Jamieson gold fields from Mansfield. See (Argus31/8/61)

What was Mansfield like in the late 1870s

the town was well established by 1868 (Alexandra27/10/1868) (Alexandra3/12/1869) (Alexandra17/12/1869)

Facilities in Mansfield in the late 1870s

'Population 385 ' (1871) Hotels Court House Hotel Donald McDonald

Delatite Hotel

Exchange Hotel (Argus15/5/79)

Kelson's Hotel Churches Anglican 1865 Samuel Sandiford

Catholic McGillicuddy (Alexandra3/11/1868)

Presbyterian 1866 Schools


Common school

Mr Hanslip'sschool (Alexandra3/11/1868)

Mansfield Guardian

Main Streets

East/West was named High Street, North/South was named Highett Street [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Bank of New South wales Jas Tomkins president of council. see Monk

John Henry Adolphus Hageman, secretary of the shire council see Monk see also (Argus21/11/78) (Argus18/3/79) Local Government

Police Station

Police at Mansfield

Insp Pewtress '

Insp Toohey

Const Love (Argus17/5/79)

' Sgt Kennedy

' Const Orr (also at Gobur)

Const Potter (Argus17/5/79) Telegraph Office


Post Office

George W Newland (Argus18/3/79)

George Collopy messenger at the Mansfield post and telegraph office (Argus18/3/79)

Postal route between Mansfield and Delatite

Mail route from Longwood to Mansfield via Merton, Doon, and Maindample - Robertson Wagner & Co

Other things of interest Mansfield had a wide range of shops, brick works, flour mll, timber mills and a building stone quarry.


Nathaniel Joseph Maude (Mane), clerk of the police court, (Argus21/11/78) (Argus18/3/79)

Mr A Dundas, butcher (Argus10/5/79) (Argus17/5/79)

Edwin Moorey, J P -storekeeper (Argus18/3/79)

Peter Walker, storekeeper (Argus21/11/78) (Argus18/3/79) (Argus15/5/79)

Builder Kilgour (Alexandra3/11/1868)

Gold escort (Argus23/12/78)

Lawyer Windsor (Alexandra10/11/1868)

Lime Kilns Mr Knight

Newspapers Mansfield Independent started by Mr Goodall (Alexandra10/2/1871)

The Alexandra Times had a disagreement with the Mansfield Guardian (Alexandra2/6/1871)

Pound keeper - William Collopy,

Walker (Argus17/5/79)

Races (Argus7/3/79)


Charles Boles (Argus17/5/79)

Surveyor, Mr Nixon (Alexandra10/11/1868)

What was the area like (Argus9/5/79)

Please spend a few moments reading about the selectors in the area and how they lived. They were our sympathisers. (Argus27/4/80)

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== What happened at Mansfield after the time of the Kelly Gang ==

Graves thought that the Royal Commission should hold hearings in Mansfield because, 'I am positive if you go there you will get most material evidence as to how those men were supported, but I cannot say whether they will give you the information; they can give you astonishing information if they think fit.' (RC15555)

In 1891a branch railway line was opened from Tallarook to Mansfield

Members of the Mansfield community

Collopy (Age28/10/78)

David Hinds (Ensign4/10/1872)

What is happening at Mansfield today

See the local historical society [1] and [2]