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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Mr Marsden

I was a court employee in Wangaratta and volunteered to go to the siege at Glenrowan

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Early Career

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' Photograph' Clerk of courts and receiver and paymaster at Wangaratta. (RC13969) Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 Special train leaves Benalla to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt

I travelled on the engine from Wangaratta to Glenrowan.(RC13969)

Begining of the siege


Arrival of the police from Wangaratta

We arrived at the break in the line at Glenrowan at about 5.40am

When I got off the engine, and Mr Rawlins met us with a lantern, I was under the impression the house was full of sympathizers, who were prepared to resist-that was the first impression I had. (RC13983) see also (RC9407)

See a report of my movements (Argus2/7/1880) (JJK)

Capture of Ned Kelly

I saw Ned Kelly came down the hill, like towards the house, and there was one of the men from Wangaratta I knew, Const Healey, he seemed to come in contact with him. (RC13991)

At the capture of Ned Kelly I got the revolver from Sergeant Steele; he handed it to me. I ran up when Ned Kelly was knocked over, and Sergeant Steele was kneeling on Ned Kelly, and he handed me the revolver, I was in company with Dr. Nicholson. It was passed around and I lost it. I only saw one revolver on Ned Kelly. (RC13975) see also (RC10929)


I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 22/7/1881.

I gave evidence to the inquiry to review the Royal Commission's decision relating to Sgt Steele. (Argus28/3/82)


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