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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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Importance of the McAuliffe's

Sympathizers living near Glenrowan.

The McAuliffe families

Henry and Margaret McAuliffe had two sons, Dennis Mathew b 1854 and Patrick b 1859

Thomas and Bridget McAuliffe also had two sons Denis Francis b 1855 and Patrick b 1857.

All four McAuliffe boys were ardent KellyGang sympathisers.


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Before the Glenrowan siege In March 1879 William McAuliffe was charged with assaulting police (OMA13/3/79) (Argus13/3/79)

Patrick and Dennis McAuliffe were present with Tom Lloyd when John Lloyd died in April 1879.

In October 1879 there was a report from Sgt Whelan that Mrs McAuliffe got money from the KellyGang.

Our family owned the house in the middle of the Greta Swamp that was used by the KellyGang. (BWC)

The family may have supplied mould boards for the KellyGangs armour.

. Siege at Glenrowan It is likely that the 3 McAuliffes were part of the KellyGang's team at the beginning of the siege. Two of us were arrested when the civilians were allowed out of Jone's Inn about 10am. (Age29/6/80)(Argus 28/6/80)


Const Robert Graham reported on 26th April 1881 relative to sympathizers of late KellyGang. -I beg to report for the information of the superintendent that a number of them were here at Greta yesterday, drinking, viz.: -Jack Quinn, Tom Lloyd, jun, Paddy McAuliffe, Tom McAuliffe, John McMonigal, and Nolan; and from their manner I am led to believe that another outbreak among them is imminent. Jack Quinn is very anxious to find out who it was that got the sympathizers arrested in 1879. They all appear to have a great dislike to Pat Quinn, and speak of him as the black tracker."(RC9870)

Ned Kellys Trial /10/1880

At Ned Kelly's committal hearing in beechworth (Herald11/8/1880)

Tom Lloyd and Dennis McAuliffe, two of the most prominent of the Kelly sympathizers, went out voluntarily and helped Const Armstrong when he was stationed at Glenrowan, and looked for a horse down in the bush after Ned's execution. (RC12181)

Royal Commission We were not called to give evidence to the Royal Commission Early Career Later Career


A member of the family has been kind enough to supply the following information about the family

"Thomas and Henry McAuliffe, natives of Limmerick were tried at Clonmel, Tipperary in 1840 and sent to Tasmania. On the completion of their sentences they both ended up in Melbourne (Merri Creek, actually {is this sounding familiar?}) and married two O'Brien sisters who had come to the colony as part of the Irish Famine Scheme. Thomas marrying Bridget and Henry marrying Margaret.

"They both had rather large families and named them the same names so it is rather confusing. It is my understanding that Dennis and Patrick were Henry's son. Margaret McAuliffe at the trial of Ned Kelly. Bridget McAuliffe, the widow of Thomas suddenly came into good fortune was. Thomas is buried at Greta.

Denis McAuliffe wife ?... children ?....Winifred home >..

I was born in about 1855 and was 3 years older than my brother Patrick.

Dennis is buried in Wangaratta as is father.

Paddy McAuliffe wife and children

I married Lucy Murdoch and then emigrated to New Zealand. They had two sons and two daughters. Tom was the eldest. He died on the western front on Jan 10, 1918. Joe was a good Rugby player. Ena McAuiliffe, was born in 1912 in Taihape, New Zealand.

' I went to New Zealand in 1902 and was a 'Bullochy' for some time, employed to pull timber out of the bush. During these years much of the land around Taihape (south central North Island) was virgin bush which was being logged and cleared for farming. The McAuiffes eventually purchased their own land and farmed for a while. They then purchased the 'Hotel Grand Central' in Taihape which was sucessfully run by them for some years.


Tom McAuliffe wife ?... children ?.... home >..

Margaret McAuliffe husband Mr Archibald Children? ....home>..

Was she a 'sweet heart' of Ned Kelly? ' She attended and was reported by the press to be Ned Kelly's girlfriend. Margaret' married Mr Archibald

Dennis McAuliffe (pictured with his youngest, Winifred circa 1912)