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Glenrowan located on the eastern side of railway at Glenrowan opposite the railway station


Importance of McDonnell's Railway Tavern

McDonnell's was one the drinking haunts of the KellyGang's friends and sympathizers. It was also the place where you might be able to see Irish dancing or at least hear an Irish song. It was quiet different from Mrs Jone's Glenrowan Inn. It was owned by Paddy McDonnell and Mrs McDonnell was the land lady. Their son Jack played with Mrs Jones's son who was another Jack of about the same age Photograph


What was McDonnell's Railway Tavern like in the late 1870s

The hotel had been rebuilt in about 1870

Links to the KellyGang

Euroa robbery

On the night of the Euroa robbery Sup Sadleir spotted Mr McDonald in a darkened door way at the station looking to see who was on the train. Was he making sure that Sadleir and Ass Com Nicolson had acted on the false information and gone off in the wrong direction? (RC16693)

Glenrowan siege

Ned Kelly and Steve Hart arrived in Glenrowan on the evening of the 26/6/1880 and set up their base in the hotel. Many of their friends joined them there. See also (JJK)

One of the ill directed shots fired at some of police lying in the drain between the station and the railway gates, penetrated M’Donald 's Railway hotel just under the parlour window, and carried away a portion of the ornamental mantelpiece. (Age29/6/80) (DailyTelegraph29/6/1880) (Argus5/7/80) (Argus6/8/80)

Soon after the arrival of the police at about 3am on the day of the siege one of the police warned the press on the platform with, "there is a bad lot in that hotel over the road-keep a look out." There was also a scare from the direction of McDonnell's. (RC10038)

The hotel provided lunch to most of the people who watched the siege at Jone's Glenrowan Inn

It was also the base for Kelly family and the sympathizers.

Mrs McDonnell gave a statement to the Herald (29/6/1880)

The day after the Glenrowan Det Ward discovered five of the horses of the KellyGang's stabled at McDonnell's Railway Hotel (Argus30/6/80) (SMH30/6/80) (Argus5/7/80) (OMA24/7/1880)

Wild Wright stayed around the hotel for a few days (Herald30/6/80)

Mr. Stanistreet, found an oil can containing 45lb, of blasting powder, concealed behind a log in the vicinity of our Hotel. Previous to this a quantity of fuse was found in swags carried by the pack horses left by the KellyGang at our place (Argus3/7/1880) (Herald3/7/1880)

What happened at McDonnell's Railway Tavern after the Kelly Gang

What is happening at McDonnell's Railway Tavern today

The hotel was knocked down in the 1950s or 60s and a motel complex was built next door. Some of the orginal bricks were used in the new building