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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Constable McIntyre

Survivor of Stringy Bark Creek

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Early Years I was born in about 1845 in Ireland (Argus9/8/80) Photograph Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 I was stationed at Mansfield and went down to Benalla a few days before. (RC12851)

'Mansfield Murders 26/10/1878 I had no previous knowledge of the KellyGang ' except through the medium of the Police Gazette and the newspapers before we went out after them. (RC14324) (RC1727) I was the only policeman to survive the murders at Stringybark Creek.

Who chose me for this work (RC1752)

We left Mansfield before day light and tried to keep it confidential. (RC14394)

Const Meehan gave me his reolver just before we left Mansfield (RC17647).

Const Lonigan and I were the only ones in camp on the afternoon of Saturday 26/10/78. We fired at some parrots. We were each equipped with revolvers and we had a Spencer repeating rifle, breachloading fowling piece and extra ammunition on the pack horse. The instructions I learned from Sergeant Kennedy were that we were to meet a party of police at Hedi, and after a consultation we were to search the bush. In the meantime we did not anticipate any danger and the arrival of the KellyGang came as a complete surprise. I did not anticipate that we were close to them, because they never, to our knowledge, came to Mansfield. We thought we would have to go twenty miles into the bush before we got to their haunts. See also (JJK) (Argus28/10/78) (Argus29/10/78)

Sergeant Kennedy told me he would patrol the neighboring country about that day with Const Scanlan. Const Lonigan was told to mind the horses (we had a pack horse and a tent) and I was told me to do the cooking during his absence. (RC14341) We were left at the camp with no instructions in case of a sudden alarm

I was surprised at our camping rather than going on to Hedi. I asked Kennedy, in a jocular manner, why he came there, and he said, "If we meet the other party of police, we will find they are out of tucker and they will eat us out." Sgt Kennedy went out with the object of searching for the outlaws, or to make himself acquainted with the unknown country, so that we could push forward the following day and know how to get back. (RC14347)

From what has come to my knowledge since, I do not know what to believe; I do not know what to think Sgt Kennedy might have known that the KellyGang were in the area. Perhaps the KellyGang decoyed them from the camp into a trap, I just dont know. Decoy would not be the proper word. He might have been decoyed with previous knowledge, obtained before he came to the ground. I would say he was induced, not decoyed. I think it is very strange they went to that neighborhood instead of continuing the direct road to Hedi. (RC14355)

I don't know if the KellyGang intended to murder us. I think they intended to take our horses and firearms, as Ned Kelly himself said that was his intention, but I think he did not care much whether he shed blood or not just allowed himself to be led by circumstances whether he would or not. (RC14382) See also (FH)

The very first intormation we had from the KellyGang was to "bail up," and we looked round, and they had their arms presented.(RC14387) (Age28/10/78)

Ned Kelly also gave an account of what happened at Stringybark Creek in the Cameron Letter and the Jerilderie Letter. (CHC)

I gave my account (CHC) (BWC) (Argus30/3/78) see also (Argus12/12/78) (Argus13/12/78) (Argus10/8/80) (Alexandra2/11/1878)

Later On the way to Mansfield I met a stranger (CHC)

I arrived in Mansfield to tell the world what had happened (CHC)

I sent a telegram with information about the KellyGang, see text.(Age30/10/78)

They kept me out of the way so that I would not be harmed by the KellyGang. I was too valuable as a witness for the prosecution

I went to the Glenrowan siege with Com Standish. Later saw Ned Kelly in Benalla. (Age9/8/1880) (Argus11/8/80)

Inquest into Joe Byrne's death

I gave evidence at the Magisterial Inquest into the death of Byrne. It was held at Benalla the day after the Glenrowan siege (Argus30/6/80) (OMA1/7/81) (RC2905) Ned Kellys Trial

On Saturday 31/7/1880 an impromptu court was held in the kitchen attached to the gaol hospital to remand Ned Kelly to be transferred to Beechworth for his commital. I gave evidence (Argus2/8/80)

I assisted in moving Ned Kelly from Melbourne to Beechworth (Argus2/8/80)

I was called as the main witness for the Crown at Ned Kelly's committal hearing in Beechworth on 6/8/1880 by Mr Smyth .(Age4/6/1880) (Argus7/8/80) (Age9/8/1880) (Argus9/8/80) (Herald11/8/1880) (Argus12/8/80) (Argus13/8/80) (JJK)

I returned to Melbourne on the same train as Ned Kelly after his committal at Beechworth (OMA14/8/1880)

I spent time in the hospital at the Richmond police depot (OMA14/8/1880

I gave some evidence at the trial. (Age29/10/80) (Argus29/10/80)

My application for a share in the reward was rejected by the Reward Board


I gave evidence against Mrs Jones on a charge of harbouring the KellyGang. (Argus26/11/80) (Argus9/5/81)

Royal Commission By the time of the Royal Commission I was retired from the force, on account of ill health. (RC14322) see (Argus1/6/81)

How did the press report my evidence. (Argus4/8/81)

The Royal Commission had been asked to look over the matter and to report as to the special circumstances of my case. After reading the papers the Chairman of the Royal Commission stated that the Commission had decided that my case did not come within the scope of the enquiry to deal specially with my case as requested. (RC14323)

Early Service


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