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Importance of John McWhirter

A journalist from The Age who was present at the siege at Glenrowan

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Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 Special train leaves Melbourne to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt

I left Melbourne on the police special train at a bit before 10 pm on 27/6/1880.

Train arrives at Benalla


Arrive at Glenrowan

I gave the Royal Commission an account of the arrival of the train at Genrowan

I ran out to the drain, but when Sup Hare was shot I came back to the platform. (RC10301)

Begining of the siege

I watched the start of the siege from the railway platform. (RC1609)

Many of the police had taken wrong ammunition with them, and the consequence was that they had to send back for ammunition. Mr. Melvin and myself sorted the carbine and Martini Henry ammunition and gave it out to the men as the messengers came to the station for it. (RC10331)

I also saw Mrs Reardon try to leave the Inn with some of her children at about the time when Sgt Steele arrived at Glenrowan. Sup Sadleir and his party from Benalla arrived at the siege at about the same time. (RC10314)

I met the police from Wangaratta when they arrived (RC9402)

At this time I was between the station and the hotel. The station has a raised platform, and on the side of that platform, between the station and the hotel, we took up our position, and sat on or lay down on some police saddles. It was very cold at the time. When the Benalla and Wangaratta police came, the firing at the hotel was more rapid than it had been for the three hours prior to that. (RC10342)

Capture of Ned Kelly

I was present when Ned Kelly was captured. (RC10349)

Later when he was taken to the railway platform I cut Ned Kelly's boots off and assisted Dr Nicholson. After that I was present when Ned Kelly was interviewed. (RC10386)

Release of the civilians


Burning of Jones's Inn


Photograph Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Reward Board. One of the few witnesses (Argus16/4/81)

I gave evidence before the Royal Commission on 7/6/1881.

What did the press have to say about my evidence (Argus8/6/81)

Early Career Later Career .


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What happened to Mr McWhirter's family