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located on the Murray River, on the New South Wales side of Echuca


Originaly called Maiden Punt, changed to Moama in about 1850

Hopwood's Ferry (T&C8/6/1872)

Importance of Moama

Moama was never as important as a river port as Echuca.

What was Moama like in the late 1870s

See (T&C8/6/1872)

The big flood of 1870 (T&C19/11/1870)

James MacKintosh, saw miller from Moama ran the river steamers Enterprise, Julia and Elizabeth.

Activity on the port (Kilmore19/4/1877)

In 1879 the Echuca Moama bridge was opened (Argus5/3/79) (Argus7/3/79)

Was this a direct cause of the whalf stick in Moama? (Argus7/3/79) (Argus8/3/79)

Facilities in Moama in the late 1870s

Population 150 Map

Photograph Hotels Bridge Hotel

Vine Hotel , Joseph Wright (Argus26/4/79) Churches Schools public school, Miss Trainor (T&C8/6/1872) Bank Main Streets Local Government Police Station

Const Vaughan

(Argus3/3/79) Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office Other things of interest Freeman's Aerated-water

In 1876 Moama was linked to Deniliquin by rail

Customs problems (Argus26/4/79)

In 1878 Mr Donaldson was transferred as police magistrate to Moama.

Links to the KellyGang

The KellyGang knew this area well as they moved cattle and horses backwards and forward across the Murray

Const Vaughan was sent out with a search party with trackers to hunt for the KellyGang.(Argus7/3/79)

Members of the Moama community

Maunsell, (T&C8/6/1872)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Moama

On the northern bank of the River Murray

Have you visited

What to see

What happened at Moama after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Moama today - linked to the Kelly Country and Ned Kelly's story