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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns

History at Mount Battery before the KellyGang

Run first taken up in the late 1830s. Originally it was part of the Watson and Hunter empire that was based at Wappan and included Barjar, Dueran, Maindample, Mt Battery, Preston,and Loyola.

The licence was first held by James Malcolm (35,000 acres). It was later held by Dr JP Rowe. see (Alexandra25/5/1878)

Where did the name Mount Battery come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors



Original neighbouring properties





What was Mount Battery like in the late 1870's

See details of the robbery at Mt Battery

To be sold in 100 acre lots (Alexandra5/10/1878)

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In 1870 Mt Battery was leased to Dr JP Rowe. He got word that Harry Power and his off sider were on the property. The doctor got close enough to where they were sleeping to throw gravel in their faces.(Herald4/7/1880) (FH) See also (Argus6/11/78) (Alexandra9/11/1878)

Henry Sparrow, the overseer found Sgt Kennedy's body (Age1/11/78) (Argus1/11/78) (Argus2/11/78)

Mr A Beresford Turner got a job on Mt Battery Station. Hear his story (BWC) (BWC) He was bailed up by the KellyGang and taken to their camp at Bullock Creek . (BWC)

Details of the cow paddock (BWC)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Mount Battery

What happened at Mount Battery after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Mount Battery today